The last 5 days has involved a lot of cups of coffee and plenty of thought. My itch to start a new business is not just out of an inner calling but an inherent desire to create the life I truly envision for my family — it’s as much selfless as it is selfish.

I’ve felt this feeling many times before and usually I let it play out and either one of three things eventuates –

  1. I start a business and it does well enough and provides additional knowledge that I use to improve my next project.
  2. I do nothing and revisit the idea some months down the track as I’m self aware enough to know I wasn’t quite ready.
  3. I get the feeling unexpectedly when I come across a new tool, interest or experience that I realise I can monetise upon which point I quickly act on instinct and proceed to monetise the idea – usually does well, see point 1.

So right now I sit at the start of the path again where I have three possible options – this time the hunger is there but I’m not sure exactly what niche to visit. Interestingly I did a youtube search about finding passions in life in an attempt to stimulate some imagination but many of the videos, although having humble intent, are not practical and have been made by people that have turned a passion for wanting to spark passion, into a business. My catch with that I wrote about once here.

I’m curious, have you ever been in this position and if so how did you go about making the next move and what was the outcome? Leave me a comment or share your experience by sending me an email.

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