Today I’m a tad excited. I’ve been counting down the days till a course by one of my mentors Alex Beadon starts and today it did so I’ve been busy thumbing my way through plenty of engagement in her Facebook group. Always learning. In short the course is about ‘making money being you’. Win!

I’ve again got the biz-itch for my next project so that course might very well be a great segway to inspiration for that. 

I’m still chipping  away at #300wordsaday. A few peeps on this journey have been getting content out in the form of book chapters, Instagram posts, videos or blog posts so it’s great to see the diversity in content that’s being pushed out. 

I’ve kept the flow going with numbering the days against my posts for the sheer sake of progression as part of this 30 day mini project — so far I think I’ll keep that style going. 

I’ve worked from home in part today while my son is still running fevers with tonsils the size of golf balls — poor kiddo. Luckily for email and I can still maintain some level of productivity which is a win. Being at home gave me the chance to engage with a tonne of fascinating and passionate would-be business owners and entrepreneurs alike which is brilliant because I love connecting with like minded people so today is refreshing. 

In a nut shell day 4 is more of a casual grab-a-coffee-and-read-my-update kinda post. So thanks for reading. I’m grateful. These posts lately are humbling ’cause I’m free-writing outside of my regular structured content. Kinda cool. 


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