I’ve always kept myself busy, taking on lots of projects and goals at anyone time. I get itchy and anxious sitting around doing nothing if I feel unproductive. Don’t get me wrong – I like to unwind and chill but if I’m feeling stagnant I need to do something. 

On that note, here we are baby — day 3 of my #300wordsaday challenge.

Today has been interesting; I’ve shared multiple hats today –

  1. Family man – enjoyed a big family breakfast with the Siladji Crew at my sisters place.
  2. Financial planner – began a new project with my wife on a financial forecast for the 2016-2107 FY. 
  3. Branding & Marketing Manager – spent a bit of time in my Dad’s Realty Company managing some CRM data. 
  4. Family Man – dinner with my wife and kids, did some Dad duties after that, usual stuff – baths, pajamas, prep for bedtime. 
  5. Blogger – did a bit of a revamp on my blog. Actually I bought back to life a previous theme I liked. 
  6. Currently playing doctor – my little boy is unwell so I have him beside me asleep on the lounge with a fever at 1am. 

Triad progress – still very conscious of the three things to be changed for a solid foundation over the next thirty days.

I’ll keep it as short as that. Today was… productive and memorable.


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