To say I felt vulnerable after my day 1 post would be an understatement. I’ve never been brutally honest before about the background behind my life. I’ve blogged about the struggle of being a high achiever but I’ve always written in the third person. To tell my story was a challenge.

It’s interesting to see in the last 2-3 years the large influx of people posting their lives online and showing mostly only the good bits – Pinterest worthy lifestyles and Instagram perfect adventures. I felt refreshed blogging about the reverse progress I had been the subject of lately. I think it’s all too common for people. 

Surprisingly the post was well received – it attracted a humble amount of double digit traffic and I got to connect with some people on Instagram and Twitter which was great.

After sharing day 1 post it turned out I was inadvertently setting up the next thirty days and in the process I unexpectedly managed to give myself the challenge of turning my life around in the next 30 days — a documentary if you like.

After I hit submit I immediately wondered what the next step was and what my next piece of content for #300wordsaday would be. I decided I would give an insight into the three things I felt I needed to change in order to get myself in a position to make lasting change post 30 days. I realised I need to consciously change the following over the next month;

  1. My focus. Instead of focusing on the challenge that has been this year I needed to focus instead on a clear plan and objective. 
  2. Get moving. I need to move more and that means my body. I’ve been putting off working out because I prioritised other areas of my life – Work. Finances. Learning a new role. Family. Although I still feel I have different priorities right now I strongly believe exercise will get me moving and change my state.
  3. My language. Instead of talking about the challenges I have I need to be voicing my intentions more and vocalising my plan of action. 

For some this may seem a little cliche or even familiar but it’s the core truth that I know has shown to bring about change in the past. So I’m going back to the roots.

Today I got moving, so much so I can barely move now. I spent the first 2/3’s of my day at paintball – a game that really showed me how much fitter I can be if I exercise more. The last third of the day saw me cutting lawns and hedges at home for a few hours. After a paintball session it was the cherry on the afternoon. I’m spent. But feeling mentally clearer. 

So that’s where I stand on day 2. I have three things to change for the next month in order to set the foundation for my turn around. Oh, and before I wrap it up I ought to say I’ve also highlighted around three mini projects I need to achieve this month too, much of which is based around the logistics of getting a  5 year old into kindergarten next year. I sense some changes ahead – but unexpectedly it’s possible some will be for the better. I’m also sure there will be some other benefits this month. Maybe watch this space?

If you have read this far I really want to say an honest thank you. I value your time and I’m humbled. No exaggeration. If you like this series so far I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment so I know your reading and introduce yourself


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