I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years. Traffic has never been that great. I’ve had a handful of followers who I’ve interacted with over the years but the traction I’d really like to get hasn’t come about yet. It’s my fault. Over the next 30 days you’ll see why by the power of opposites — if all goes to plan. 

A friend of mine from Sydney Passion Bloggers and Founder of PassionatelyKeren.com.au started this great idea called #300wordsaday. Simple concept – write at least 300 words each day for 30 days. My initial thought was “Great! I love challenges like this and they get you great  momentum!”. Then reality sank in. The same reality that’s been creeping up for 9 months. What do I write about? I’ve been stuck in this zone somewhere between ‘I know what I want’ and ‘I don’t know what I want’; You know that spot?

I was on fire last year. Shit was on a roll. Best year as far as getting results. I lost 10kgs. Changed my diet. Changed my job so I wasn’t doing graveyard shifts anymore. Made more money. Gained a lot more family time. I just had clarity. I also glowed coming into this year. Things were strong. Then crash – a halt on the train breaks just as I was on the mountain peak and slowly I felt the train roll backwards. And it’s been a challenge ever since.

It seems the harder I’ve worked and the more money I’ve made the harder things seem to get.

I’m curious how a 30 year old on a comfy 6 figure income in Australia is in a rut? 

Strangest thing – I’ve been totally self aware this whole time as things have been changing but haven’t been able to pull the pin on the cause. Ultimately I know where I want to be but as far as how to get there – [insert sound of crickets], no idea. 

I hate Negative Nancys. I’ve never written a post like this so as far as vulnerability is concerned — pretty high up there. I’m the optimist. The positive guy. The dude that gets results. So this is really pissing me off. I’m stabilised by the acknowledgement of actually starting a challenge like this – it shows the fire is still there. I know life’s a challenge. But I also truly believe it’s full of passion and positives.

At the end of 30 days I have no expectation I’ll be on a beach with a cocktail — I’m a realist. But I do believe 30 days ‘might’ be enough to lay the foundation for another solid 30 days after that.

For the next 30 days, as hard as it will be to execute on the things I say I will want to do, I’ll do it, and let’s see how much ones life can turn around in 30 days.


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