Some time ago I received a LinkedIn connection request from someone whom I had looked to as being a sort of mentor. I replied to the connection request with a message asking if the account was managed by the person themself or a member of their PR team to which I received a response saying that the account was not self managed and my message would be passed on.

In my opinion if you are a business owner there is absolutely no excuse, where you serve as the brand, to have your social media accounts managed by your PR in their entirety. I can understand that many people have PRs or PAs who filter what comes in and out but if you are having people set up and run your accounts entirely, don’t waste peoples time. There simply is no excuse during this stage of the millennium not too interact on a human level with your customers.

Speaking from experience as a customer there is nothing more flattering than to receive a direct message back from the person driving the business or brand.

Think about when you buy your morning coffee, when the owner greets you by name and knows your order “just your regular?” – you feel like you’re their number one customer. Important. It’s no different online.

For established big brands I can appreciate the volume of comments, emails, messages, tags and shoutouts can be large but taking an extra hour out of the day at the end of it, to focus on your community, that’s humble. It’s what will really keep a would be customer vs. a long term fan.

With that said, in these humble beginnings, I thank YOU for reading and would like to do so in the comments – introduce yourself and let me know your thoughts about this post, it would really mean a lot.


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