The Inner Struggle With Motivators and Could-be Life Coaches


As a 30 year old I sit on the tale end of the mellenial generation. Strangely I feel like I’m 17, physically not so much though. Depending on your age you may be in my position or older and you’ll have an appreciation for what I’m about to say. If on the other hand you’re a 90’s or 2000’s kid you’re probably yet to experience the feelings I have. Growing up “grown ups” or “adults” always seemed disconnected from youth, from technology, from advances in time. They didn’t seem assimilated to our music, or dance moves or something like our resourcing as opposed to memorisation for learning. During my 29th year in this world I began feeling the gaps I always used to witness, almost like I was in the Matrix, in slow motion, pieces of disconnect from generations following mine would appear in front of me. My self awareness nearing my 30s had been heightened like nothing else since my teen years. I’m seeing life from a whole different angle.

For two years I was full steam ahead. On this mission  to inspire people, motivate them and do what I could to give them the tools that I knew worked for me so they too could get some results in life.

Then I hit a wall.

This feeling came about me, a feeling that all that what I was doing was adding noise to a population that was being so overwhelmed and saturated by everyone who felt with a bit of positivity and a social media account they could change the world. It seemed at the time, and still does, everyone wants to be a motivator, a coach.

I’m all for positivity. If I sense negativity I cut it down real quick. But…

Within a 24 month period I was observing such a large influx of would-be motivators and life coaches, many with such little life experience that I wondered where it was all coming from and whether I wanted to be positioned in a niche so quickly filled with quantitative potential as opposed to true depth. How and why is it that there is such a large culture shift of 20 somethings on a smart phone with a bit of sav that are projecting lifestyles online that are giving people a false sense of security about what it really takes to get somewhere in life?

There’s no doubt we’re fast transitioning into a new “age”. We have had the Bronze Age, Industrial Age, arguably a Tech Age but I’d go so far as to say we are entering an age beyond that very quickly – The “Web Age”?. With this transition it’s only natural that we will see transformations, changes in what’s considered the usual or common such as types of jobs, ways of generating income and the way stories are told around it all.

When sitting here writing this article in an attempt to make sense of it all I came to the realisation that it’s a necessary part of the “aging” process. The cost of transition to this particular “Web Age” will be the rise and fall of many startups, story tellers, successful fund raising rounds and some of their subsequent failures as well as those whom wish to skip the progress but preach the process. In amongst all of this will also come the life lessons which is simply a necessary part of the evolution of society.

As a leader of a team, having started and run, and even closed a number of businesses over the years it’s becoming apparent that CVs of days gone past with job titles along the likes of “Journalist”, “Salesman” and “Business Manager” are quickly going to refer to positions of “Story Teller”, “Creative”, “Blogger” and “YouTuber”. And that’s even if people care to see a CV. Your online presence is quickly becoming your resume and moving into the future I predict much success will be based on people’s personal brand over much else. With so much online transparency it will be hard to fake the credentials.

I guess the exposé here is not as bad as I thought. I will say though that the biggest thing I have learned in my years so far, albeit baby years to the aged and maturity to the teens, is that life at its core still requires you to transact with it one thing if anything you want is to be yours… Work. Whether it be in your creative, your videos and content, your first job, your current promotion, your dream to be a writer, your biz dev role, your degree or your new app project. Expect to work and expert to learn. In amongst all of the noise, ultra positivity and optimism, expectations and assumptions around success, the result will come for many, with one clause – It will last only for those that work to keep it. That’s where the difference lies.

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