Why The Second Week of 2016 Is More Important Than The First

2016 Journal

Believe me when I tell you from experience, the points in todays blog post could very well be the start or end to your plan for 2016.

When most people get towards the end of a year and feel excited or free at the feeling of getting a second chance, a fresh start with a new year ahead, they often forget to execute on three simple but crucial things, each of which need some explanation as to why;

  1. Reviewing and celebrating any progress of week 1
  2. Looking at what areas, parts of your plan or steps in the journey that need refining
  3. Determining what resources are going to be needed in the remaining 51 weeks

Reviewing and celebrating any progress of week 1

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of new years resolutions, I just much prefer to call them goals, plans or projects. I guess it stems from the belief that I don’t resolve things, I create them. Unfortunately many people dont’t make too much progress on a resolution past the first week. If you haven’t started taking any action on your plans as yet you are at a very critical stage in your journey. Not that it’s not possible to take action after this week, but being able to do it now gives you a major advantage as far a time is concerned, not to mention the psychological reinforcement in achieving what you promised to deliver to yourself. What wins have you made in week 1? List them all and share them with someone in your support group, family, friends, your coach/mentor, on your blog, with your business/customers.

Looking at what areas, parts of your plan or steps in the journey that need refining

Your first week will tell you a lot about the quality of the plan you may have by now laid out. If you haven’t taken action on any of it with any level of productivity, removing procrastination from the picture, then there may be inherent road blocks built into your plan that need addressing first. This will be very individual for everyone. For some it may be the social group or quality of family you spend most of your time with. It may be the job you are in or the energy you have because of how you feed your body. For others it may be simply that the plan you have laid out needs to be broken down into more manageable steps. This last point was a big one for me for a few years before I made any real traction in my life. I’ve always aimed very high in life, but my plans didn’t align with the level I was at during the time so I had to gracefully scale back. Gladly, this did not mean settling for less, rather just defining my targets in smaller timeframes, i.e., quarters and weeks, even days at times.

Determining what resources are going to be needed in the remaining 51 weeks

This leads me to my next point which is determining the resources required to achieve the goals you have laid out. During your goal setting session, if you completed one, you may not have been fully aware of the resources you need. Resources are far and wide and come in many forms and can include people, support groups, libraries, equipment, finances or space to name a few. With that said, getting access to such things can be attainted via different paths as well so it may be time to get creative. Taking action during the refinement of your plan often opens the requirement for more resources and could very well mean you need to brainstorm a list of resources you might need and spending some days going out and seeking them.

This week I sent out a personal email to my VIP list highlighting the key steps required to set up 2016 strong from your first week. If you missed it then I invite you to join my free VIP list by clicking here. It’s where you will get delivered more personalised coaching to support you every step of the way in 2016. Sign up here now for free.

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