Do you ever find yourself in a slumpy mood, feeling uninspired and just straight out un-productive?

You’re normal. 

We’d both be lying if we said we never felt like that at all. But how do you go about getting the best results you can out of a day when the inspiration just isn’t there?

You don’t.

Wait! What?

That’s right… You don’t! Well at least not in your current state.

There are two ways to act on inspiration;

  1. Create it
  2. Take immediate action at the event

Create it. If you find your self stuck in a rut but you have a project waiting to get started on your desk let’s be frank, it’s not going to manifest itself into a NY Times Best Seller without you doing something with it. You need to get into a state of creativity. The best way to do that is to act creative. Close your eyes and visualise something vivid. Crank up the energy with some really fun music and dance a little. Do a creativity inducing meditation session so that you can ramp up your brains frequency to the right energy level. Sit on a higher chair. Open the windows and let the sun in. Take your work outside and sit under a tree. Meet with friends or team members and have a productivity session. Start a visualisation or inspiration board around the project your working on to get the mind working. Anything that gets you out of your current state will do you wonders.

Act at the event. I know with me personally this one produces the best results. And when you have a strong enough why you will be more inclined to take action when a wave of inspiration comes over you. You see, the universe in all its glory knows exactly what you want. Every thought you put out into the the ether joins the infinite intelligence that will bring you the necessary people, situations and resources you need to get what it is you plant the seed for. And with that, you can be sure, includes the inspiration you need. When a wave of inspiration comes about for no other reason than it just is that’s the moment you need to do the task. However if you put it off you can never know what coincidences and plethora of probabilities will align again in your favour.

I don’t believe in luck.

I do believe in fortunate and favourable probability. I do believe in planned coincidence. I do believe in acting on signs.

With all the possible things that could happen at anyone point in time, what is the likelihood that a moment of inspiration is just a wisp of the wind? I’d say about as likely as it is not. There are no coincidences. Act.

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