Yep, yep… I know some of you regulars out there have been asking the question – Where the F’ you been Ivan?

Instagram. Crickets.

Twitter. Crickets.

Snapchat. Crickets.

VIP list. Crickets.

The blog. Crickets.

But guess what? I’m back!

I’ve seriously been in need of a few things – pretty much as follows;

  1. Family time.
  2. Me time.

And that’s exactly what I did. I’ve been spending time with the kids. Building Lego. Going on picnics. Hanging out. Playing the Dad role. And then the husband role. Putting in my keep around the house. Late night hugs on the couch. Connecting.

I’ve also made a huge shift in the last two weeks, particularly towards my last two goals for 2015. You may recall my goals for this year, which you can check out here.

I’m going to discuss my third goal here in particular because I know for a fact there are a number of you out there that are in need of some self assessment over the quality of your health and the strength of your connection with your spirit, whatever you may define that to be.

Keren Natalia, a friend of mine over at runs a blog about how to live a plant-based lifestyle easily, healthily and deliciously. I’m in the middle of reviewing a project for her and it has helped inspire me to really think about my diet again. Some of you know I used to live an alkalarian based diet quite some time ago and have missed it ever since I steered away from it. No excuses really, just let life get in the way. That has seriously started to change in the last two weeks. More on that soon.

Then I listed to podcast episode 38 from someone you may know well, Darren Rowse from This particular podcast asked a powerful question –

How are you?

Darren made a good point when he said it’s something we get asked all the time, but this time it really got me thinking. One point he made was looking at something as simple as the number of steps you take each day. Then I opened the health app on my iPhone and my heart sank. I was barely breaking half my required steps per day, at best. Darren told the story of where his life was headed before he started making serious moves to fix his health and the reality hit me again – I was heading for disaster.

Historically I’ve been pretty fit. Being an ex-full time self defence instructor of my own academy I was able to keep up with some of my fittest students in front of a class of 30 for nearly two hours and still have energy at the end of it. I ate really well. I trained regularly and I felt great. Then I stopped instructing. I stopped being active. I sat down at a desk. I worked ridiculous hours and I ate terrible meals at the most random times of the day. Then I jumped on the scales and realised I had gained nearly 10kgs (22lbs).

Father’s Day a few weeks ago saw my beautiful family buy me a Garmin VivoSmart HR fitness band. Let me tell you… what an accountability partner! Iv’e coupled it with Under Armours’ MyFitnessPal and Under Armours’ MapMyRun.

Garmin VivoSmart HR

So far;

  • I’m now on a mainly plant based diet, dramatically reducing my intact of animal products, I’d say by about 90%.
  • All but one of the days this month so far I have been well above my steps target for the day, and each day the target increases.
  • I’ve been conscious of my sleep and I have been actively monitoring it daily. You may recall I was averaging about 6hrs at most a day. I’m now at about 6.5hrs – 7.5hrs a day. Although I still believe in sleeping less than what is usually accepted, I have been keen on correcting what has been a crazy 2.5 years of polyphasic sleeping.
  • My caloric intake is probably around half of what it typically has been. I’m monitoring my nutrients and macros and working towards getting what I need daily as well as reducing what I don’t need so much of.
  • I’ve been exercising again, in addition to my daily step count. I’ve started running again and even today, I started interval training as part of my runs and I’m feeling great.
  • I’m hydrating consciously.

Without talking about myself to much more, why am I telling you this? Hopefully to inspire at least one of you to join me. I did this for my health. For my family. For my children. I don’t want them growing up without a Dad, I don’t want them to forget me. I don’t want them to need me and not have me.

We only get one shot at life. One. There is no turning back. Before it’s too late take a stand and stand up for your health. Let me know how you go. I’d truly love to hear about your journey.

4 thoughts on “Where The F’ You Been?… Changing My Life!

  1. Awww so happy to hear that you’re now back on track with everything. How you do one thing is how do you everything, right? :) The vivo smart looks good on you.

    1. Thanks so much! You are definitely right… True to ourselves is so very important. And our health is the greatest gift of all that we can give ourselves, as it is our health that is the vehicle to everything else we want, need and desire. Have a brilliant week! And thank YOU for your comment. Ivan.

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