One of the shortest kids. One of the youngest kids. I’ve always worn my heart on my sleeve. A loyal kid. An honest and innocent kid. A friendly kid. A kid that is happy to help and willing to prove. A loveable kid.

You’re Not Wanted!

Those three words tore a hole in my heart so deep that it would go on to cause me to rise up like fire whenever I saw another kid being bullied from that day onwards. Those three words have stuck with me and until this day if I ever hear them being said anywhere around me I jump to peoples’ defence.

I have always wanted to make people feel as welcome in my life as I can and comfortable in whatever environment they are in. Seeing people happy and apart of something bigger gives me a humble joy that I would love to see each day of my life.

Everybody is wanted. Everybody is worth something. Everybody has something to contribute and share and I want to help people get whatever it is that makes them truly happy in their life because in turn they can help others get what they want and feel like they are contributing to this great world.

It’s really that simple. There are defining moments in everyone’s lives. That day in primary school when I was told “you’re not wanted” was one of the greatest gifts I have received because from there I have been able to inspire and lead so many more people.

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3 thoughts on “Three Critical Words That Defined Why I’m So Hungry To Help As Many People As I Can In My Life: It Gets Personal

    1. Your point about the “adrenalin rush to prove otherwise” is so true. I absolutely agree without a shadow of a doubt. I get the same rush. Thanks for sharing a bit about your story. It’s really fantastic that you use life’s experiences to push yourself to greater things.

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