If you buy followers – you’re a fool. 

Now that we have that out in the open I can ensure I have serious business owners and those that really care about their customers here for the remainder of this post.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having thousands of followers and fans. And it definitely goes along way in giving you more people to continue to build a solid relationship with. Naturally when you have more followers you can give good value to more people and turn your business into something profitable.


You can also do the same with a smaller following. How? Because business is just as much about quality as it is quantity. If you have a small but dedicated following of people that trust you and adore your brand and your commitment to them you most certainly can still be profitable. You may not do high volume sales initially but you can certainly support that growth through repeat business.

So how do you go about it?

  1. Start with building and growing your brand by earning it, with you as the face. No matter how small your following is now, engage with them, build a relationship and help them get what they want. Do this with as many people as you possibly can. Will it mean you receive less sleep by working more? You bet… But that’s the point of “earning” it.
  2. Be willing to give out content and valuable information… for free. Now I know people have differing views on this. The fact is in 2015 the economy in business with emerging generations is in a “people’s economy” mode where the “good vibes” and “good deeds” paid forward give people fulfilment and provides a sense of contribution and ownership to the greater cause. You just have to take a look at crowd funding to see the proof in that. If you give enough people valuable content because you care about them they will be willing to pay you a premium for your exclusive content. Not everyone will – but enough will to support the growth of your business. Everyone is happy. Gary Vaynerchuk sums it well – Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. And please, do it out of love.
  3. Start with one. In the beginning we often get caught up with crunching numbers and thinking about how much we’d like to make by selling x number of units or signing up x number of people. How about we get the first one and then worry about scaling? By all means vision but think like a business person and start getting an ROI for your efforts, one at a time in the beginning. If you’re heavily invested that may sound underwhelming because there are bills to pay but surely you can appreciate you can’t get to two sales without first making one. It’s math dude. Don’t know how to sell? Learn fast. This will give you a damn good head start.

So now that we have clarified any misconceptions about needing large followings to do good things in business – it’s time you get out there and starting making new friends, one at a time.

Can you vouch for this too? Leave me a comment and let me know of the success you have had with your small following. Or if you just loved this post let me know and say hi.

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6 thoughts on “Business Myth Buster – Why You Don’t Need Thousands Of Followers To Be Successful

  1. Hi Ivan, this is great stuff! I wish people (especially new bloggers, like me) read this and remember it as they grow their brand. Too many times, we forget about what matters most and OBSESS over the numbers and I’m guilty of this too. Great reminder!

    1. Jaymee, I’m so glad you found value in the post. I think at one stage almost all bloggers think about followers. This lead me to another point about how to engage honestly with the people you do have http://bit.ly/FGB-3 and it works. And works so well. Looking forward to seeing the growth of your blog and brand! Thanks for your comment and compliment. Ivan.

    2. Hi Jaymee, I’ve checking in and out of your blog a few times since this last comment. Looks like you’ve built some great traction. Any great tips you can share now?

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