If there is anything I believe most about business, marketing and branding in 2019 and beyond and how it affects the success or failure of your business – it is this…

People are buying into the person behind the brand just as much as they are buying the brand itself and the product it represents. Brand humanisation in 2016 and beyond is so significant it will define what companies move into progressive success and those that simply don’t.

There are two ways this will happen;

  1. The brand itself will be so humanised and culturalised it will emerge as the first trillion dollar valued entity
  2. People will aggregate towards brands that have the founder behind it whom interacts directly with the consumer, through various means, so much so that they themselves become the product

How does this affect your business?

For the most of us here we will find the most immediate value in nurturing and developing a brand that falls under category two above whereby you as the business owner earn your place in branding history. We can thank our lucky stars for the state of the internet as it stands today and its evolution through social media.

If you intend on building a brand online and see the value in humanising that brand it will be something you will earn as much as you build. Your customers receive an overwhelming amount of advertising and content across all platforms concentrated in an abundance of saturation within their smartphones and portable devices that the voice that consistently emerges from the noise is that which is likable, contagious, infectious and importantly – delivers on promise.

What do you have to do?

Have the confidence to be willing to put yourself out there. Honestly. Genuinely. Humbly. Connect with people. Your people. Respect the importance and value of each and everyone of your customers and fans. Provide a product and/or service that is transparent and not withholding. Be willing to give more value than your customer expects and be willing to give it for nothing but gratitude at times. Embrace technology and its ability to present your true self. This may sound philosophical, especially for the traditionalists, but business this year and beyond is evolving and it will continue to do so with or without you. Embrace it and I am quietly confident it will reward you ten fold.

Yours in success today, tomorrow and the next.


Image linked courtesy of semblog.com.

2 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to ‘Humanise’ Your Brand

  1. Good post! As far as the branding thing, I learned a while ago in a Mortgage brokering course that it’s important to choose a brand image and stick with it. For instance, no one mistakes that smiley face for any other store other than Walmart bc it’s always been theirs. The same goes for us. Choose a brand and do your best to stick with it.

    1. I definitely agree with that point. Growing a brand is something that takes time and if you always move the target around of what you define as your brand by changing it all the time it certainly makes it hard for people to become apart of it and recognise it. Nice addition to the post. Thanks for commenting and I looking forward to hearing from you again with such valuable input. Ivan

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