The Brief But Important Story About How and Why I Started A Business

I studied hard. 8 hours a day. And still felt guilty it wasn’t enough. I made it into university. I was just 17 years old. 3 years later, first science degree down. It wasn’t enough. Postgraduate research year down. Two degree later. It wasn’t enough. 21 years old, entered into a PhD. Full time doctoral student during the week, working as a dispense technician from sun up to sun down on the weekends, tutoring  students two nights a week, running a class for the university – miserable.

Then –

8am one weekend morning as I’m going down the escalator to begin another pharmacy shift and feeling miserable I made the decision I had wanted to make for years… To stop doing all this crap I hate so much and become a business owner. The inspiration after that one simple act of decision making came down like an avalanche.

It’s amazing how a single decision can change so many of your emotions in an instant.

For many I hadn’t even started life yet but to me, since I had dreamed so much of greatness from such a young age, I had been at this point for years already. I had seen so many people wish for more over the years but live miserable and mediocre lives and that prospect scares me to death.

Sydney’s newest Reality Based Self Defence Instructor hits the scene – and pisses a few people right off!

Within about 1 month I had written out my entire business plan, sourced a location, obtained a $5000 student load, printed flyers, registered my business name, made a website, bought equipment and stock and started the hustle. My journey had started.

I was so serious about building this business with blood, sweat and tears, literally at times, I walked entire suburbs, hundreds of streets, 1000’s of homes, hand delivering flyers myself. I contacted people I knew that had trained with me in the past, I took calls, I scheduled bookings and my efforts paid off. Opening night was about 30 students and the numbers grew. So much so I threw my PhD in the bag and kept going with my business full time, opening a second class and even another location, at 22 I was self employed and loving life. Then the calls came in. Competitors, hearing about my work, calling, sussing my business out. Haters came – and went. But I still kept going. The journey didn’t end there, and has really only just began.

What tipped me over the edge?

What can tip you over the edge?

I wanted more. I deserved more. I hated answering to people each and everyday, telling me what to do. People work day in and day out for someone else’s dream when if they worked just as hard building their own business they would be so much more fulfilled and happier in life. And I think that is what many entrepreneurs feel.

To this day, after many successes, and a heck of a failure, I still keep going on the journey as an entrepreneur because, probably like you, I hold a dream. Knowing my “why” makes me work as hard as I ever have to turn my vision into a reality.

I dare you to do the same. I dare you!


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2 thoughts on “The Brief But Important Story About How and Why I Started A Business

  1. Wow! I love your post. It is so detailed, thorough, and easy to follow, making it easy for people to get a feel for who you are, your purpose, and ways that you can potentially help them. Your testimony sounds super interesting and I truly admire your drive. You do a great job of offering an alternate perspective. There are still many that believe earning multiple degrees is the absolute best and ONLY way to go. For some, yes. But for others, speaks of their dreams and passions are often hidden away for fear of rejection and/or judgement. Great job!

    1. Tiani, thank you for that great comment and insight you offered as well. I really appreciate and I am humbled by your kind words and great feedback. I really glad you found this a great post. Again, thank you, and have an epic rest of the week! Ivan

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