Is this you?

It’s 6am. The alarm goes off. I take a deep breath in and gather the strength to climb out of bed. Where I find the strength each day when I hate going there I don’t know, but I know I have no choice. If I don’t go, they don’t eat and the power gets cut off. How on earth did I get myself in this position? I visioned more than this growing up. The world seemed so much bigger when I was little, now I barely take time to notice the sun unless I’m on a lunch break and feel the warmth on my face and it’s gives me hope that things will eventually change. Really? Arn’t you supposed to earn more than this? I mean, I spent years studying hard like I was told… where is that secure job I was promised, you know, the one with the good money? And to think “they” say that the average wage in this country is that high? Who are they kidding! Anyway… My 30 minutes is up, I’m going to be late back to work, I wonder if my boss is counting the minutes? Fuck! I hate this… Please God, please… Just give me a breath of fresh air!

The average wage in Australia is claimed to be somewhere around $75,000 per year. Taking the formula I apply, if we subtract $20,000 and make that the bottom end and add $10,000 and make that the top end then I’d put you in the range of middle / working class in this country. Whatever your country claims as the average do the same math. If you fall in that range, welcome to the the grind of middle class earners.

It sucks, right?

For those that think $75,000 is a lot? It’s all relative according to the cost of living in the country in question. But in Australia, when you have 2 kids, a mortgage or rent and you earn between $50,000 and $85,000 a year – you pay the most taxes, work equally as hard as the ultra wealthy (contrary to what you believe, the ultra wealthy do work exceptionally hard), carry the approximate 2 million people that survive on social security/welfare, have the most consumer / commercial debt, spend the most money putting your children in daycare so you can actually get to work and virtually, for the most part, live pay cheque to paycheque with less than 10% saved out of your salary. You probably have at least some sort of higher education such as a college or university degree, have an average of two kids and dream of something more for your life as far as security, lifestyle, happiness and general freedom.

Oh, and all those seminars you attended that were supposed to teach you otherwise? How is the credit card debt going that you paid to attend them going? I’m guessing you’re drowning, right?

If this is you, then you’re reading the right blog. I wrote this for you.

The middle class but goal driven tribe.

If you’re worse off than this, stick around too. I truly believe you can manage how long you spend in the tribe if you do certain things.

If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that even though all of this sounds overwhelming for you, there are advantage for having the characteristics that you do, for having spent time in the tribe you’re in?

  1. You know how to and are willing to work hard. You have the ability to join the tribe of hustlers.
  2. You have learned a lot of lessons in you’re life and have created a past that will allow you to appreciate your future.
  3. You have developed a lot of skills, probably gained through different trades or jobs.
  4. You have something to work for, probably a family or spouse.
  5. You’re a visionary and have the ability to dream – big dreams!

So what? Are you talking to me? Where to from now?

I wanted to make sure I’m talking to the right people here when I invest so much time building all that you read on my blog. I have a soft spot for helping people. If there is a place you can go that cultivates that dream you hold, the hope you have that there is more out there then I truly want my blog to be that place for you. You are blessed to be alive and you deserve to have whatever dream it is that you hold dear and close to your heart. If I can help, in any way, to inspire you you to take even the smallest form of action or the most daring of steps towards your goal then I will have fulfilled one of 3 of my purposes here in my life.

You’re in the right place. Always. At the right time.


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2 thoughts on “You Might Be Surprised At Who The Target Audience Is Here

    1. Hi Monica,

      Thanks a bunch for those nice words. Blogging is so much fun and I have found story telling to be a great way to do exactly that… Draw people in. I appreciate the comment Monica. Looking forward to reading your posts on her challenge.

      Have a great day.


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