It was my first time. I wasn’t nervous. I’d been waiting for this moment a long time. I had to connect with them. I knew we would have a future together…

HOLD UP! Back it up… Are we on the same page?

I’m talking about connecting with people at my first bloggers meet up, you know, the one I told you about here in the last post. There were super valuable lessons and I met a bunch of awesome entrepreneurs, startup founders and passionate bloggers.

The focus of the keynote was on blog monetisation. Now this is something I don’t focus on here but none-the-less a lot of information was presented. Here is low down of lessons learned;

  • Contrary to popular belief many people are getting higher ROI’s via email marketing still over social media. I think it’s a bit debatable depending on your market. What are your thoughts?
  • The best form of SEO comes from juicy blog posts, about 1000 words and that are in the form of a story. Also, the ones that stir controversy and split the audience tend to do very well. Lesson – piss people off… kinda.
  • If you could take anything with your business it should be your email list.
  • Blog monetisation can come from advertising, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, reworking another product you acquire or publishing products to name a few.
  • Email your list often and be human. At least twice a week if you can with valuable content.
  • Get emails from the earliest possible time.
  • If you’re daring enough, call  your readers occasionally. They offer invaluable information about what they want.
  • Have conversations with your competitors. Don’t be shy. Often they are just as happy to bounce ideas.
  • A great email open rate is 30-40%. If you can get to 50% you are winning! What results are you getting?
  • Cultivate the relationship with your email list.

The biggest take home messages for me definitely had to be –

  1. Consistent, valuable and juicy blog posts are king when it comes to SEO.
  2. Polarising posts generate the most attention and if you can get a conversation happening between your readers then thats a win.
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of email lists, even today.

I personally find huge value in social media, even though I may still be in early days compared to some bigger player but most of my traffic comes from facebook, twitter and then linkedin.

What is your experience with email marketing? For 2015 I personally, following organic traffic from search engines receive most of my traffic through social media – this is what I mean:

Ivan Siladji - 2015 Referers

My next form of traffic is from commenting on blogs and prominent sites with valuable input. I spend a lot of time engaging on social media and notice clickthroughs in traffic via traffic when I ask them to visit. I personally haven’t spent much time investing in building my email list but I know I love to give value to everyone I meet and I think email is a place to do that on a personal level and the more I can give the better I will feel. So here is a start… sign up to my email list here – I’d love to connect with you more and give you extra value outside of here as well.

I’d like to hear from you. Do you find most of your results come from social media or email marketing? Leave me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Bloggers Meetup a Success – Here Are The Results

    1. I did enjoy it a lot! This Meetup was hosted by Sydney Passion Bloggers, a small and intimate Facebook group I am part of. It was held at Fishburners. It’s a fantastic group because it’s intimate and not noisy like the bigger groups.

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