This week was all about “networking” and “connecting”.

I spent a large portion of my time on twitter replying to tweets, sending video tweets of thanks to new followers and joining in on and starting conversations. Of all my social media platforms, traditionally twitter grew the slowest for me but I have noticed a handful of new followers and it seems to be growing steadily with my new level of interaction so I’m definitely going to keep that going.

The second area of focus was conversing on instagram. Each time I got a follower I went on over to their profile and left a personalised message of thanks. The results were not unexpected and not unlike twitter. My following grew slightly and people enjoyed my engagement. This prompt came from one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s facebook videos.

I also tweaked a few key areas on the blog, largely the front page and my about page. This stemmed from an interesting question that came from a reader and triggered a slight clarity check. I like where it took me.

Oh, and it was my birthday, so that was a tonne of fun!

And that’s a wrap!

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