What a fricken week! A tonne went down!

Before I divulge the productivity that was the last week I want to direct my attention to YOU. Thank you to those that follow my work, comment on my social media content, favourite and retweet my tweets, like my Instagram posts and watch each and every one of my snapchats. There are a few that releigiously look at my content and I really appreciate YOU for that.

Now for the wrap up…

Blog post target reached!!! If you recall a previous post about Q2 goals where I set my blog post target to 5 posts per week (you can read that post here – it also outlines a killer strategy for getting more stuff accomplished in 90 days than ever before). Well, good news, I achieved it this week ending 24th of May. And the stats have shown. My page views have gone up a stack load. In fact, my previous record for highest clicked blog post tracked by bit.ly link has been broken now, there is a new record holder with the post titled My Feelings Going Into A Startup which I published on Medium.com and linked out on this blog. 

Three other posts of interest I wrote include;

  1. Why The Internet and Social Media Makes Me Feel All Warm and Fuzzy
  2. 10 Proven Steps To Making A Sale
  3. 2 Types of Customers That Deserve Massive Attention and 5 Ways to Keep Them Happy

I managed to ramp up my productivity this week by dedicating between 1 – 3 hr blocks of “nothing but work” time where I set out clear session goals to achieve. This included getting both blog content and micro-content published and ticking if off the list as I worked through it. It worked like a charm.

I proudly received my first centenary of likes on one of my Instagram posts, admittedly 1 of the likes was mine, but that like was part of the content stratery, so I count it as a success. Here is the record Instagram post… Show some love 💙 here. I’m so happy. And I’m about to break the 400 follower mark. To some that may not seem a lot, to others it’s a tonne. I don’t buy followers not do I #f4f so I count them all as fairly genuine and I get good engagement to follower ratios. HINT: Important stat to track!

And before I forgot… I FINALLY started my Facebook page for this blog. I know, I have a handful of specific social media platforms at use but strangely I didn’t have a Facebook ‘page’. But now I do! I cater content for it specifically and natively so please LIKE it over at facebook.com/theivansiladji.

Thank you again yo’. You all rock!

And that’s a wrap!

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