2 Types of Customers That Deserve Massive Attention And 5 Ways to Keep Them Happy

Raving Fans

It takes me a lot to make an invest in someone else’s product or service. I tend to judge the entirety of the work, personality, brand, reliability, price etc. But, there is a flip side. My personality profile is one that I can quite humbly say is very loyal and that means when I follow the work of someone and I really believe in what they are doing I will contribute to their community and speak raving and humbling words about all the great work they do. And, refer them a tonne of customers.

This is the thing…

Almost every brand and business will have some people within their community that will just never spend up with them, they simply won’t ever make a purchase. But, what they don’t spend in money with you they make up for by being a super fan, one that will speak nothing but positivity and great things about you essentially acting as a human bill-board for your business. They will, over time, refer more business than most people, recommend your products, services and information to more people and direct a larger volume of clientele your way giving you a greater ROI than had they of just bought a product from you and never spoken again.

These are the unsung heroes of your community that you ought to be very grateful for and respect. These are super fans. And one day, they may just seal the deal with a purchase as well, so don’t take them for granted.

All people within your fan based community are valuable, those that spend with you and those that just consume whatever content you throw at them. They will often go out and utilise all the lessons you have given for free and actually act as proof that your teachings work. They will contribute to a decent amount of traffic to your blog, websites and social media pages and may even make up a large proportion of your mailing list.

But why won’t they ever buy you ask? The answer could be quite simple. Subconiously, they know that if they make a purchase, they may not hang around too much longer. WTF? It’s kind of like their way of keeping themselves accountable but not meeting the need they are looking to be filled, on purpose. Strange, isn’t it?

You see, your customer base can be broken down like this;

  1. The people that don’t even know you exist yet
  2. The ones that visit and impulse buy once and never return
  3. The ones that buy once, don’t use your product, hang around a bit hoping for something else magical and then never return
  4. The ones that just stop by for whatever freebie you have, and never return
  5. The ones that buy your product and stay a life long fan
  6. The ones that love your brand, consume all you offer, may not purchase from you, but refer a tonne of business your way

Besides the obvious first type, the ones that don’t know of your existence, the last two on the list above are gold for your business and deserve a tonne of attention. These are the two that you want to cater to their needs as a customers. Know what they want and deliver content, products and services that suit what they are after.

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Here a a few way you can ensure you keep these super valuable fans for life;

  1. Respect them for the human beings they are and cater content directed to their interests
  2. If you undergo a rebrand and you think your business may take a turn away from some of their initial interests, consider how you can still keep them engaged. Naturally, you will always loose some fans with a rebrand but if you can rebrand with a win-win-win (you-buyer-your current/future community) then everyone prospers
  3. Respond to their comments, emails and questions. There will always be some that email you almost every day and it can feel like it’s a bit much so you don’t have to reply to everyone of their emails, but every now and then is nice
  4. Deliver on your promises – this is one of the most crucial pieces of business advice I can ever offer. There is nothing worse than being promised something only to have your hopes let down. It shows you cannot commit, are poor with time, and can often give the impression that your products and services are just as hollow. Obviously you may be just too busy to remember everything and can often forget to return the call, respond to the email, or follow up their product enquiry, but always endeavour to follow through on what you promise. Always.
  5. Be consistent. I know personally that when I push value based content consistently and routinely, I get the best results. Why? Because some of the ROI on your efforts comes from your existing community, not just new business. And when you have the support of your current community behind you it also shows other potential buyers that you have a track record. It’s true that likes attract likes and followers attract followers.

So next time you try and sell to someone and they don’t buy for whatever reason, remember, offering them some sort of value outside of a potential purchase may still keep them coming back for more. And one day they may turn into a buyer.

What are your thoughts? I’d like to hear from you. Do you run a business and have people in your community that don’t buy from you but are great fans? How do you manage this aspect of your fan base? Leave me a comment.


Image linked courtesy of socialmediatoday.com.

Have you signed up to my VIP list yet? Click here to sign up now. You will get bonus content only my VIP members receive as well as being the first to receive all my videos, audios and other content before anyone else. Better yet, it’s FREE! Click here now.

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