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I was one of those late-comers to facebook. In fact my girlfriend at the time, whom is now my wife and mother of my two beautiful children, had been on facebook and nagged me to get it too. Well I though I was to cool for school to join but an account was made and after some reluctance and whinging while using it I eventually became absorbed.

I used to be one to sit back and watch the crowd for a while before jumping on board with new things. Now days however I think it is critical to be ahead of the game and to be on top of it so I’m quick to get my feet wet with anything that is promising. I’ve learned to be quick.

But, here is one thing that bothers me…

I have lost count as to the number of times I have heard people say that social media is the cause of so many problems between people. NO! NO! Social media is not the cause of problems. People are the cause of problems. People will always find a way to bitch and whine, the medium through which they do it is irrelevant.

I’ll tell you what though, the internet and social media has done a world of good for humanity, of which we ought to be very grateful for. I have a soft spot for anything social media, tech and the internet now and my love affair is only growing stronger.

Here is why;

  • The internet and social media is the manifestation of 6 degrees of separation. I am going to make a claim now that I think the separation factor is only going to get smaller. With communicable access to notable figures, influencers and celebrities accessible more than ever before to say you have chatted with a famous person is quickly becoming more common. Getting an autograph is old school because having a #selfie is so much cooler.
  • It brings people together globally more than any thing else. The days where not seeing family when they live in another country are past because we virtually don’t miss a thing with social media anymore. We can always stay in touch.
  • Virality is stronger then ever before. Ideas and trends are set quicker than they have ever been able in the past. The downfall, they tend to die off just as quick which is why those that fit into the viral loop stick around. Check out this post from an entrepreneur and friend of mine, Rupert about the viral loop.
  • It has created a new economy, one that quickly becoming bigger than any physical retail frontage we have ever seen… e-commerce itself.
  • Society is “sticking together”, banding, uniting and finding nobility in helping each other move forward, get ahead and “become great” which can be seen through things like crowd funding and micro lending made possibly through the internet and its far reach.

I could go on forever but the point is the internet, social media and tech have done an enormous good for mankind and I encourage you, if you have an idea, a dream or goal then look to the power that is the internet and social media. There is a good chance it can give you a tonne of direction to get you started.

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2 thoughts on “Why The Internet and Social Media Makes Me Feel All Warm and Fuzzy

  1. Nice article Ivan, thanks for the link back! I love the new layout, it’s so professional already. Social media is the way to go, we have to keep adapting. Keep it up!

    – Rupert

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