Ivan Siladji Home OfficeMy biggest area of excitement and focus this past week was around a new startup I am diving into. No doubt once all the necessary protection has been put in to place you will here about it more. So far it has involved a lot of;

  • Thinking in the shower (as many ideas come about) :)
  • Brainstorming around concept design, integration and prototyping
  • Consideration into the negotiation process which will happen with partner(s)
  • How the idea will be expandable and appealing to investors, marketers and customers

The startup is certainly not a small business idea and will require full time attention, a large team and a lot of capital. Fun. It also means that a lot of thought and execution needs to go into the company which is yet to be established. This is VERY early days but you have heard about it here first.

I have taken a week off now before transition into a new contract role which strategically places me into a position to focus on entrepreneurship a lot more and now this startup.

Anyway, I got a shit tonne of work to get through with content production so this weekly review is ultra short.

And that’s a wrap. Cheers.

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