Ivan Siladji
Just when I thought I finally thought I received my get out of jail free card and ended night shift below and behold I had to cover one final one, so here I sit at 0530 am on Monday Morning. But this is my last week as a shift worker, what a relief. I can finally focus on my entrepreneurial projects more and really get to to setting up my new team for my start up project.

Last week included one juicy blog post where I discussed branding and my core business focus moving forward with this blog. You can read it here. I really found it gave a sense of clarity. And my mentor was quite happy to hear I got some good clarity.

The next step in my process is getting to the nitty-gritty around my avatar, that ideal customer we all need to focus on if we are to get business flowing. I have gone through the process of defining my avatar before but with a greater sense of clarity around what direction I want to move in as far as business and types of services I would like to offer is concerned, I am now re-defining my avatar to ensure I am playing in the right market. If you are a regular reader of my blog then rest assured I am doing the right thing by reaching you especially if you enjoy my content. This is what I will spend some time on over the next few days.

As far as sticking to my brand words across my social media platforms, so far I have aimed to do that with my most recent pieces of micro content on snapchat, instagram and twitter.

As far as my second quarter (Q2) progress is concerned I am still consciously trying to hydrate more. Since tracking my water consumption I can see trends forming around lifestyle vs. water intake and find my biggest intake seems to be when I am actually awake and working away during the day as opposed to throughout the early hours of the morning. Diet is definitely improving. I have made concious food choices a lot lately and my weight is down which is great. Ideally I’d like to be 75 kgs and I am sitting around 80 kgs at the moment. The reason this is so important to me is that my body is the vehicle for my aspirations, goals and work and not enough people care for it as much as they should. Having more energy increase my productivity 100 fold so I am really serious about my diet. I must admit more focus needs to be on physical exercise. Having been very fit with a solid history of endurance training through my self defence business I really notice the difference when I become inert. I don’t like it. Being a high achiever my expectations around finance are enormous. By most peoples’ standard across the world I have a comfortable lifestyle but personally I hold aim for very high baseline around most people call “comfortable”. So I will always be analysing and assessing finances. Regardless of how much I generate. I feel people can contribute so much to their family and the world when they are extremely abundant. I think there is a scene of humble nobility in abundance.

All in all, I’d say that’s a wrap.

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