In this blog post I talk about a strategy one of my mentors taught me, branding and core business focus. Grab your coffee or warm up that thumb if you are on your smart phone and get to reading. The micro content you saw on snapchat and instagram in the last day will now make sense.

You may have noticed on Monday there was no weekly wrap up for the week ending 3rd May 2015. That’s because I haven’t posted any blog posts last week, in fact, much of my micro content slowed right down over the last week, except for one or two specific pieces of content, can you guess which ones they are after reading this? I promise you there is a reason to everything I do.

I have been stratergising an entire brand review and nich’ing down strategy. I am a numbers guy. I look at the raw data behind my results and how I am reaching people and I feel that the results can be a lot better. And this excited me.

Branding Strategy Session

Yesterday I spent a few hours reviewing my entire brand vision and personal mission that I intend to see through for this passionate project I have here on my blog. There is no doubt that I have every intention of using this blog monetarily as well, which, if you are a real entrepreneur, you will appreciate. But at the same time I want to significantly reach out to as many people as I can and inspire them to turn their “I really wanna [insert experience, vision or dream here]…” into everyone else’s envy of “I really wanna be like [insert your name here]…” if that makes sense.

You deserve to have everything you dream of and I want to inspire you each day in order to get there. I really do.

One of my mentors who I have followed for a few years now, Alex Beadon from offers a program about creating what she calls a “Killer Impression”. Quite a while back while watching one of her videos I wrote down an tonne of notes and have answered a bunch of questions about the brand I am building (or earning, as I see it). I have really narrowed down and decided on a few key branding aspects I want to present around this project to really amp up the results based on the efforts I put in around here. Some of these questions focused on;

  1. Why I do what I do
  2. Who I want to reach
  3. What emotions and experiences I want to evoke
  4. Branding Key Words

To narrow it all down for you, essentially;

My mission – To be a fun, passionate and extremely driven and hungry individual with an unprecedented sense of love and desire to help all people to achieve exactly what they want. 

The brand key words;

  1. Intensely addictive – to me and my brand and culture
  2. Loving – make people feel valued, heard, significant and apart of my culture
  3. Inspired – to take action and commit to getting whatever it is that they want

I am totally excited about the opportunities to meet so many more people now that things are that bit clearer. This brand review is being rolled out across my blog and all of my social media platforms.

The strategy behind any content that gets pushed anywhere should include incorporating at least one brand key word according to Alex. This is something I have aimed at doing but now with true clarity the change should be very noticeable and I look forward to the results.

Niche and My Core Business Focus

I also took the initiative to add my own personal swing to the process… During the above branding session I also had a long hard think about my core business focus and exactly where I want to see myself as far as an entrepreneur in the next few years, specifically in business, not lifestyle wise, that is a result of results generated, i.e., that thing called work.

I am super passionate about the following things;

  • Goals
  • Success
  • Entrepreneuring
  • Startups
  • Productivity
  • Achievement
  • Peak performance
  • Coaching
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Social Media
  • Improving peoples lives
  • Modelling and systemising
What type of business would I like to run based on my interests and skills?
  • App startup company – This is something I have been actively brainstorming for. I am putting together a team to prototype a start up idea that really does have the potential to gain solid traction.
  • Peak performance personal coaching
  • Public speaking
  • Success products

I have no doubt that you will be reading more about all of this as times goes on and hear my stories, successes and failures along the way. It’s all part of the journey and I am damn excited.

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