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…It really puts things into perspective as far as arguing the for the fact that your happiness, ultimately, is your own choice. And being happy is very much a choice I believe.

A few year ago I started attending a range of Anthony Robbins events, one of them in particular, Unleash the Power Within really taught me a lot about myself and people in general. One lesson that really stuck with me from any of Tony’s teachings is what he calls the Formula for Happiness.

Now if you are not a follower of his principles, before you write anything off as being mumbo-jumbo since we are talking about actual formulas for happiness, hear me out.

When I learnt this formula it was one of those ah-ha moment in life. Being two fold, it goes as follows;
LC = BP = Happy

LC ≠ BP = Not Happy

Our life conditions (LC) are those circumstances, events, occurrences, conditions, situations etc. that make up our current life.

Our blueprint (BP) is the way we define how our life should look and be.

Simply put, if the way we expect our life to be doesn’t actually look that way then we are generally not happy about it. And as Tony puts it… when we feel like we have no control over the ability to change the equation then we experience suffering.

What does this mean?

It really puts things into perspective as far as arguing for the fact that your happiness, ultimately, is your own choice. And, I really do believe, being happy is very much a choice. Yes, no doubt at times s#@t happens in life that makes us miserable and we can just have plain out right bad days, but overall, we have a choice. And more people need to be willing to hold themselves accountable for that decision and stop blaming others for the circumstances and emotions they are experiencing in their lives. Telling yourself the same story, regardless of how bad any events that may have happened years ago were, serves absolutely no one. As tough as some memories or experiences may have been to go through they are simply memories now and by giving them a different meaning we can ultimately begin to take control of our lives.

Tomorrow, when you wake up, no one is going to hand you happiness on a silver platter. Life is just not like that. What people need to begin doing is taking responsibility for their own lives and emotions and blaming everyone else for how they feel or where they are in life is absolutely and undoubtedly a waste of your time and others’. You have been given the gift of life. Do you see how much of a gift that really is? It’s yours. It belongs to you. It’s time people grab a hold of it and do something with life. If you make the decision to do so then run with it and run with it solid. You will reap the rewards. If you’re going to just continue complaining about how bad everything is, then keep it to yourself. The world doesn’t need the negativity that you, yourself, have decided to propagate. Sorry, life is just real like that.

I have a feeling this post will stir up some opinions and I’d be happy to hear them. Leave a comment.

Now make for a magic day. It’s yours to be made.


Image linked courtesy of huffingtonpost.com.

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