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I’m fortunate and grateful that today my blog is still steadily growing moving into 2015. But, importantly, it has a large focus on YOU!

This time one year ago I started with a vision to own a personally branded blog that would give premium content around entrepreneurship, marketing, branding and juggling it all while being a busy parent. Fast forward 1 year… it’s still going although the mission and brand has evolved a bit. Todays focus is about Inspiring dream chasers to reach goals by embracing the digital and tech world., that dream chaser being you.

I have absolutely no desire to “build” a personal brand. I’m all about “earning” my personal brand and place in among all the content you get online. What right does anyone have to be an expert to you? That title takes time, hustle, accumulation of experience and a track record of personal results that I do not take for granted. Am I experienced to coach you? I believe without a doubt that I am, BUT I totally respect the fact that you will judge and review everyone that takes up any amount of your time. So for each of you throughout the last year that has followed me, contacted me, shared my content, tweeted me or hit me up on instagram, THANK YOU!

Without further ado, here are the top things I have learnt in my first year of blogging-

  1. Consistency equals results. Post regular and consistent “quality” content and your blog grows steadily.
  2. Connecting with your community pays off and builds super fans. I have a small handful of super fans already that I absolutely appreciate and value more than you know. I am a big believer in really connecting and engaging with your online followers. DO IT! Tweet back. Comment back. Say thank you.
  3. Results don’t come over night. I literally hustle for each and every follower. When you reach a follower milestone, thank your followers. Personally, like  real people.
  4. Produce content that you are passionate about as your followers will appreciate the passion you put into it. A bit like one of my favorite posts here if you don’t mind a personal plug.
  5. Do not underestimate the importance of starting out with just one follower. Just one person on your email list etc. That person followed you because they probably wanted to get more of you (not taking into account some follow4follow’s which I absolutely think is a waste of time). One is better than none. You’ll get to the hundreds soon enough. Then the thousands. But first appreciate the one or two followers you do have.
  6. Post interesting content and learn to be a good story teller. I have found that some of my best posts were because they inherently told a story. People like stories that tie in with valuable lessons.
  7. Learn to engage with people on social media and participate in good conversations just as you would at an interesting party or get together. Social media is a 24/7 social event on the web with the additional shopping experience from some users when purchases made through it. Learn to communicate in it well. And don’t forget that aside from the odd bots that you will come across online, most people are actually real human beings. Who would of thought, right?
  8. Organise your time well and have a clear plan of action. Using a journal and some sort of thought-capturing tool will benefit you when you need to keep track of your goals and any blog post ideas. I like to use evernote personally but there are a tonne of note taking apps around.
  9. Track your site stats. This is important for two reasons – firstly its critical to know if you are meeting any personal blog KPI’s especially if you have every intention of using your blog as a business tool. And secondly, it is a good gauge to see what content people actually enjoy reading. As a general rule, good engagement on content means it was probably good content. Share, likes a retweets is also a good indication. Track your links using or some other form of link shortening service so you can track click thoughts and determine who is clicking what link, when and where.

And that about sums it up. Like this post? I’d love to hear from you, even a like or share would go along way. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “9 Things I learned In My First Year Of Blogging

    1. It feels rewarding a humbling. Rewarding because I’m achieivg goals and doing something I’m extremely passionate about and humbling because I know I have a few very loyal readers and followers that follow everything I do and the thought of helping them in some way also go back to rewarding. I can’t wait to see where this takes me in the next few years. If it’s anything like my vision I will be very fulfilled.

      Thank you for the congrats and the comment my friend. Ivan

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