My regular readers know that each Sunday/Monday I write a weekly wrap up summing up the week that was in my life as an Entrepreneur. So here is this weeks wrap;

  1. Pushed this piece of interesting content… The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship, Goal Setting and Dream Chasing. What are your thoughts?
  2. Daughter was in hospital unwell – threw the first portion of the week right out. Thankfully my little girl is doing well and is a lot better.
  3. I’m on the tail-end of shift work now. Last week was the last 3 am work week for me. Strategically I have positioned myself away from  shift work now to focus more on family, balance and Hydration Appentrepreneurship. For many of my fellow entrepreneurs you know that life can get crazy juggling the job and entrepreneurship, but it can and is being done.
  4. Started embracing the video feature on my twitter account the last few weeks to send video replies to take advantage of native video content on twitter. Loved how that was received so far.
  5. Announced the winner for the book giveaway. Congratulations again to the winner.
  6. After using my new hydration tracking app I have started reaching my hydration goal. I will be blogging about this goal as it’s been an interesting process.

And that’s a wrap!

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