The Dark Side of Business, Goal Setting and Dream Chasing

Loosing friends. Late nights. Early mornings. Negativity. Haters. Haters. Haters. Tiredness. Little sleep. Hustle. Grind.

Reward. Accomplishment. Passion. Achievement. Significance. Respect. Money. Freedom. Fulfilment. Networking. Friends. Hustle. Grind.

It seems on instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter – virtually any platform you look at, if there is a marketer or entrepreneur involved then most content is is green grass and roses. In fact, ill go as far as to say most people online seem to think that putting content out that only looks like life is grand is the only way to go.

Now, before you think I’m about to go on a dark ramp of negativity, that’s far from the truth. I’m all about positivity – so much so people find it hard to relate to me sometimes. Or that could just be because I can be intense on both sides of the spectrum. But thats a common trait of profuse perfectionists and high achievers, but you might already know that. What I will say however is that too many people want stuff in life but when they attempt to go for it they are hit in the face by something called “work”.

In a previous post I shared the quote-

Do. Or do not. There is no try. Yoda, Starwars

Most serious business owners or dream chasers work hard, all the time. They are conscious about spending, not necessarily because they are tight-arses but more so because they see the value in things and the lack of value in many other things. They know what use of their time is productive and what use of their time is not. They are willing to stay up when the lights go out because thats when they have some quite time to sit down and do some work. They are willing to work a job and run a business if they need too. Yes, there are times when you get to holiday and put your feet up and that is part of the reward for the hustle but on the flip side someone who is a realist visionary who knows exactly what they want will embrace all the slug and shit they have to go through to get what it is they want exactly.

FYI, here is a list of some of it;

  • Staying up late to get things done
  • Getting up early to start the grind
  • Working on multiple projects
  • Knowing what it feels like to be financially unstable
  • Often experience lack before realising prosperity
  • Loosing friends who don’t understand you or don’t have commonalities anymore
  • Having to explain yourself to people you care about that may not understand why you just don’t give up and take a break
  • Trying to find a balance between family, friends, work and yourself
  • Tiredness and sometimes worked into the ground
  • Negativity from jealous people
  • Doubt from others
  • If you are a parent – juggling a very busy family life and the hustle
  • Lack of understanding from others who just don’t “get you”. Dream chasers, high achievers and entrepreneurs are often seen as a a separate crowd from “the norm”
  • Inability to relate to others who don’t see eye-to-eye
  • Frustration and impatience with lazy people

If any of the above things made you hungry for the hustle – keep doing what you are doing. You’re one of us. Often these feelings and experiences are sources of motivation and energy for those destined for success because they know, with absolute faith and desire that these are just the cost of doing business and the rewards on the other side far outweigh any and all challenges. They know that through their efforts they have the ability to contribute to the greater good of the lives of their families and society far more than those willing to settle for average, for mediocre. There is no glory in average.

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2 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Business, Goal Setting and Dream Chasing

  1. Great post Ivan! Hard to get weighed down by what others think. You can’t control it. So best to surround yourself with positivity to keep you going. Keep fanning the flame!

    1. That is very true. If we let others people views and opinions deter us from our vision the we will get no where. I think there are some people that do though and hopefully this post will show them that what they are feeling is normal and they should use it as motivation. I’m fanning the flame mate, everyday. You too! Rock on mate. Thanks for the comment.

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