If you want to know exactly how to map out and plan a powerful blueprint to achieve your goals this second quarter then you have come to the right post. Stick around, you’ll love this process.

First quarter is down and out. Finished. Done. It’s second quarter already. It’s time to get to work on Q2 and it’s certainly well within early days of this quarter to get to planning and achieving the steps required in this session so you can create a magic 2015.

By now you will have noticed I am big on breaking down the year into quarters, then actioning goals by months, weeks and days. With quarter 2 finally here I sat down just before I wrote last weeks wrap (which you can read here) to map out Q2 and gained razor sharp clarity about the exact steps required to achieve what I need and want this session.

The process I go through to plan and map out my quarters is both an empowering and strategic process that ensures goals are met. I know it is something many of you will benefit from so I am going to detail the process here for you as well as share my own second quarter plan with you.

Planning for a smashing second quarter is a three step process that you will go through which involves a step for gaining clarity and alignment with what you need to achieve then proceeds to break down the plan into three actionable and measurable stages of days, weeks and months.

Here we go;

Here is the process in a snapshot for your reference while we go through each step-

Quarterly Action Process


The first step in the process requires you to do two things;

  1. Reflect back over your yearly goals that you set at the beginning of 2015, if any. If you haven’t set any, now is the time to start. Click here for that process. You also need to review what went down in the previous quarter.
  2. Define which goals you want to work on this quarter and break them down into sub goals.

Here is what I mean…

In my instance I have three major goals for 2015. They are;

  1. Retire from shift work. (already achieved within Q1, woohoo!).
  2. Improve financial security
  3. Better nurture my health + spirit

Since I have achieved retirement from shift work in the first quarter already I have now put my focus into financial security and health + spirit. With that being the focus of Q2 I have broken these two major goals into a number of sub goals to be focused on in Q2 as milestones to the bigger picture.

This is how Q2 sub goals now look;

  1. Have consistent application of the Siladji Budget
  2. Reach 75kg
  3. Consistently work out no less than 3x per week in any form of physical activity
  4. Consistently mediate for no less than 10 minutes per day
  5. Publish 5 blog posts per week

Blogging, and all that is here at ivansiladji.com, in my case, is partly a financial project as much as it is philanthropic which is why it gains a spot in these sub goals.


This step, the second step in the quarterly process is where we define the actionable steps required each day, measured weekly and weekly measured monthly. It is no different to Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in business. You must treat your life like a business where goals are concerned, at least if you are truly serious about achieving them.


What action steps do you need to take and measures do you need to monitor each day in order to get results with your goals? This is where you define these steps.

For instance, in the case for my Q2 above, daily, if I am to achieve real results, I must do the following;

  • Drink 3L of water each day and track using my iPhone water app
  • Mediate ten minutes a day – Find a good meditation program and stick to it
  • Go for a daily walk, run, do a fit ball session, endurance session etc.
  • Before I eat anything, ask myself “Is this going to nourish me or cost me?”
  • Tuesdays: Review Siladji Budget
  • Saturdays: Review Siladji Budget
  • Write a blog post
  • Journal about my daily actions

I know that if I do the above daily tasks I must inevitably achieve the goals I have set out, it’s just that simple.

Often our days get the better of us and then at the end of the week we look back and ask ourselves what the heck did we actually accomplish and where did all our time go? Thats why we also have weekly actions.


At the end of each week it is important to attend a review session with yourself, much like a performance meeting in business where you reflect on the week that was and stratergise for the week that will be.

Here is an example for clarity;

My weekly action steps include,

  • Review the total weeks progress & look at improvement areas
  • Write the week in review blog post – the fifth post

As a means of accountability, as well as contribution to my online community I now publish a weekly wrap here on ivansiladji.com to summarise all that was in my week so I hold my self accountable as well as hopefully encourage you to review your own week and find inspiration in the process. And as is the case for weekly reviews, it can be a challenge sometimes not to loose focus on the bigger picture which is why we have a monthly action step.


There will be three opportunities for a major progress review in each quarter, and they each happen at the end of the month. This is where you break down all the progress of each of the preceding four to five weeks of the month in question. It is essentially where you review the total months progress & identify target areas that need to be improved so that the quarter is finished strong. This is like a board meeting with your key managers except you are the CEO of your own life and goals.

Next, it is important that you know when a milestone has been met and ticking it off with a celebration that it has been completed. These a results and they are extremely important. You must realise however that the ONLY way you can get to this stage is by going through all the previous steps. That is the only way to success. There is a formula for success and it has been outlined for you above – put simply it’s called WORK.

There is formula for success – it’s called work.


At the end of your plan you want to re-list your goals and place next to each one tick boxes so that once they have been achieved you tick it off. Then as they are all checked, you can rest assured that you have achieved exactly what you set out to achieve in Q2.

The last step which will be at the end of June will be to review the entire quarter ready for the next one.

Here is snapshot of my own plan that is printed and on display in my home office. There is also a copy on my iPhone for when I am out of the office and need to review it.

Quarter 2 action plan

Call to action!

Let me know what you thought about this post. Leave me a comment letting me know what you liked about it and how it has helped you. If you know someone who would benefit from this post, show some love and share it. Sharing is caring.

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