IMG_6202So with a bad ass amount of passion I have decided to do a weekly wrap up that encompasses all that was and what went down in general for me. I figured it would do two things;

  1. Give you something to model
  2. Give me some accountability to ensure I am consistently kicking ass too

Here’s the low down…

  • I launched my 1 year anniversary competition where I give away a brand new copy of the classic book by Susan Jeffers entitled Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway. You can enter here as the competition is still open!
  • It was my younger sisters birthday! Happy Birthday to her!
  • I sat down and mapped out my 2nd Quarter plan baby! Its been broken down into daily, weekly and monthly action steps. I plan to share it with you.
  • It was Easter! My family ate a lot of food, had a tonne of laughs and what else could be better than it being my daughters first Easter!
  • I reached broke the 300 follower mark on instagram. I absolutely and totally disagree with buying followers on any platform and can proudly say that I hustle and connect with as many peeps on social media as I can and each follower is one earned with thumb sweat! Thank you to all you new people in the community!
  • My VIP list grew!
  • I’m officially winding down the last four weeks of having the science shift work job to better utilise my focus, energy and family time, as well as

And that’s a wrap!

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