ON MEDIUM: How To Get Taken Seriously In A Noisy Social Media World (In My Opinion)

Noisy Social Media WorldAs a content consumer first and now a content publisher I have learned 3 important things about standing out and showing you are genuine on your platform of choice, and, that you’re here to stay.

I can’t tell you how many times I have received comments on social media like “nice!”, “great!”, “follow for follow?”, “nice pic!” or the really good one — “Want to make money online? DM me and I’ll show you how”.

One could argue that maybe I have targeted the wrong audience in those instances but even looking over the most well known of social media marketers I have seem them receiving comments like this. If you do this — it’s ridiculous.

If you’re reading this post you will have heard it said before that content consumption on line is happening at a rapid rate. There is so much of it people are reducing their attention spans quicker than a kid in a candy store. [3 minute read – Read more]

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