Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

YOU CAN WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK… Shipping included!

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.

I have raved about this book before, I’ve blogged about it, tweeted about it, read it and recommended it… Now I have purchased another brand new copy to give away – I’ll even ship it to you at no extra cost.

WHY? Two reasons…

  1. I am truly grateful for my community, my followers and I make it my duty to give back.
  2. It’s the 1 year anniversary of ivansiladji.com and as a thank you for all the support I have received over the last year from everyone I’m giving a gift back.


To enter to win a copy of this very book all you have to do is the following (do both);

  1. Sign up to my VIP list here… It’s where I will announce the winner, AND…
  2. Follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat: ivansiladji


The winner will be announced Monday, April 13th 2015 (Sydney time) via my VIP newsletter so make sure you’re  subscribed. Again, the link is here to signup… The book will be shipped soon after.


If you TAG and SHARE the competition on your own social media and you win I will also give away a 30 minute email coaching session where I will run through my personal goal setting strategy session with you that I use to achieve exactly what I want.

Already on my VIP List? That’s ok. You have automatically been entered into the competition. All you have to do is add me on Instagram and/or Snapchat: ivansiladji.

See you on the other side… It’s a whole lot of fun!

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