Three Productivity Hacks Business Owners Use to Get Things Done

Time is money. And when you are running a business, supporting a family or maintaining a relationship and starting out in this hustle called Entrepreneurship then you value every second of your day and crave productivity.

There simply is no time to waste on things that are not getting you results. In fact, if you saw my snapchat clip the other day I quite bluntly said that lately I’m starting to really dislike sleep because it is really an inefficient use of my time. I’m well into the habit of sleeping only for the hours of whats required, fortunately the last two years has trained me to be very efficient with my sleep.

So when you need boost your productivity to syphon the most out of your time and schedule then you need to implement the following three efficiency hacks into what you spend most of your time chasing;

1. Eliminate distractions

It might sound obvious but how many of you actually do this? When a text comes through to your iPhone do you quickly reach for it? (#FOMO much?). Do you constantly swipe through your email inbox for new emails? What about that thing called Facebook and instagram? How many double taps are you accumulating there each day?

There is a brilliant function on iPhone called “Do Not Disturb”. I simply press it when I want to be really left alone. Only people on my favourites list can get through and that is my wife and my kids daycare in case of emergencies.

Everyone else can wait while you hustle.

2. Implement processes, systems and policies

These may take some time to set up initially but you will thank your stars when they are finally on board within your life and business.

If you don’t use templates, start. If you don’t have a cloud service for capturing important ideas and work, sign up with one. My preference in Evernote, but the market is growing, so pick one.

Do you have non-negotiable policies with your staff and more importantly, with yourself? Starting your day with a 3 minute brief recapping where you and your team left off yesterday, what your plan is today and 3 action steps you are going to be taking before 10am is a great way to jump start productivity on your own desk as well as your teams. I call this the Magic-3.

Having a power-hour at work… no distractions; no calls, no emails, no social media… a designated power-hour to wipe out as much of the work as you can on a current project. Doing this for the hour before lunch has the benefit of seeing a reward at the end as well as celebrating the success of the hour with your team as you head out to grab a bite to eat. A powerful tool definitely worth trying in your office or business today.

 3. Buy a stopwatch

Sounds bazaar. It’s definitely not. Find one with a big digit display and put it on your desk. Setup your day into chunks and allocate core tasks and critical actives a time frame and schedule them into blocks throughout your day with clear time frames. Hit the start button and get to work on each block aiming to knock off the tasks within the time frames set.

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Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. What hack will you be implementing into your day to make you Godzilla of productivity? Oh, and click share, it would mean a lot ;)

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