There is no such thing as trying

Watch this 25 second video clip then we will talk…

A few years ago one of my mentors at the time introduced me to one of the most valuable lessons I have learned to date. It was profound at the time and has resurfaced as a lesson over and over again since then…

My mentor pulled a pen from his pocket and dropped it on the floor after which he instructed me to try and pick it up. I immediately bent over and picked the pen up from the floor. He snatched it back from my hands and dropped it again saying; “No! I said TRY and pick the pen up!”. I leant over again but this time finding my self in the strangest of predicaments, one that I hadn’t consciously been in before. My hands wanted to grasp the pen but the simple instruction of TRY meant that I could never have the pen, so long as I was in a state of trying rather than doing.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
Yoda, Star Wars

Todays lesson for you is short, sweet and simple… In life, when we have a challenge to face, we are at a fork in the road, you have a decision to make, you have a goal to start or finish, whatever it is that you must DO you only have two real actionable choices, either;

  1. You decide and take action by DOING the task, or;
  2. You decide NOT to take action by NOT doing the task.

It is really that simple.

If you decide you will TRY and have a go you are inherently moving nowhere, achieving nothing and not accomplishing anything. The very act of committing to DOING and then immediately taking some form of action is the only, I repeat, ONLY way you will ever achieve anything of significance.

What if you fail?

So what! Reassess and do it again! You will have learned valuable lessons that you could of only learned by taking action and failing anyway which is ultimately all part of the path to actually getting what you want and need. No place you are at now is not in some way required for you to end up at a desired destination.

You are where you are today because you are exactly where you need to be.

Remember, Do. Or do not. There is no try.

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