When I think back on my favourite and best performing posts on ivansiladji.com as I near the 1 year anniversary since I started the blog I always get excited and humbled by three that stand out. And from my stats on these posts they are statistically successful as well.

The reason? They cover three areas that people may struggle with most;

  1. Relationships
  2. Challenges with chasing a goal or dream
  3. Having a strong enough vision of what they want.

That’s why I have summed my best three blog posts hitting each of these areas at the core… You will here in two of them the steps required to get the outcome and in the final one you will see my very own vision in one of my favourite pieces of texts I have ever written. Here we go;

Me and my beautiful wife...How to attract, keep and flourish the perfect relationship! “…For those that don’t share deep and fulfilling relationships, in any area of their life then it’s important to get clarity as to why not. Is there something holding you back or are you fearful of something that may come with having a relationship? Have you been “burned” in a relationship before and have lost your confidence in what they stand for?…”


Top 5 things to do when chasing your dreams gets too hard. “…Have you been chasing a dream and feel like your just not getting anywhere with its progress or achievement? Have you been working hard for years and years, even a decade or more and you just don’t feel content yet with everything you’re doing? Have you been developing relationships with clients in your business or putting together deals only to find them not coming to fruition and its affecting your motivation? Are you feeling the grind of chasing your dreams, of being an entrepreneur, of the hustle life and feeling like it’s starting to get really hard?…”

What an Entrepreneurs Life Will Look Like. “…I roll over, my cheek presses against the crisp white pillow, still cool from the spring night air, the sun creeping though the white timber loovers flickers in my eyes as I blink, feeling its warmth. I can hear the sounds of children’s voices, laughing and screaming, the pitch getting louder as I realise it’s coming up the hall. The large rustic doors gradually swing open as their little bodies push against they heavy weight of the timber. They both jump up onto the bed and leap onto my chest yelling “Daddy!”. “Morning!” I reply, hugging and kissing them both, their smiles instantly giving me a sense of gratitude. I roll over and see the golden blonde fringe of her hair, sliding slowly down in front of her eye, her smile soft and warm, I lean in to kiss my queen good morning. Her smile is gentle, gracious and so feminine…”

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Image for What an Entrepreneurs Life Will Look Like is linked courtesy of coledalerainforestretreat.com.au

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