Here is why you should love your bills

Love your bills?

Ivan! Are you crazy? You want me to “love” my bills? What’s wrong with you? I don’t love my bills, I hate my bills! I can’t pay them so why would I love them? They cost me money, Ivan!

I know, I must sound crazy, right? But please, here me out. Trust me.

All too often when a bill comes into your inbox or mailbox it can be easy to quickly get fed up with owing people money and announce to the air that you’re sick and tired of bills and living pay check to pay check.

If you are a dream chaser, like, a real dream chaser, someone, like me, who is a high achiever and wants more out of life, then you can appreciate just how crappy a situation like that can feel. But it doesn’t have to last forever!

Even many of the wealthiest in the world at times started at the bottom. It’s where great often starts.

Ask yourself… Why did you receive the bill? Let’s say it’s an internet or smartphone bill. At some point you signed up for the services that the provider is supplying you. They have invested money in infrastructure in order to give you the services that you use each month. Sure, they profit, but they should, they worked too, and on the other side of that company is probably a fellow dream chaser just like you. You paying your bill is just a way of saying thanks for the Internet or phone service. It’s a form of gratitude.

There are some of you saying right now… “Ivan, that’s good and well, but I CAN’T pay the bill!”

There are times in life when things are just plain hard. There are times when life is hard. It’s just the way it is sometimes. But what are you going to do about it? Complain that it’s hard? You might not be able to meet all of your obligations right now, in this moment, but you can certainly start somewhere and make a decision. Start by being grateful. Grateful for everything you do have. Including, yes, even your bills. The day will come when paying them becomes easier.

Just see through your “why” and get that dream you hold in your heart. Everything else tends to fall in its place. It will just take a little faith on your part. Then, go forth and take action on at least one thing you can do right now to work towards your dream. Be grateful and then be aware of the signs and opportunities the universe presents you. You will soon see the magic.

You can do this. How do I know? Because somewhere in time-space, you have already done this. You get?

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