For any of you parents joining me here for this post I’m sure you will appreciate the instinctive and protective nature we have over our little ones. My son showed me why their little spirits are more resilient than we think.

Each week in our neighbourhood the local council collects all our household waste from a number of coloured bins, one for general waste, one for recyclables such as paper, cardboard and some plastics and then green waste such as shrub and grass clippings from home gardening. In our case we have a long private drive way for myself and my neighbours down to the front of the street where we place our bins for collection early each Tuesday morning.

My three year old son, in all his independence and confidence always puts his shoes on and runs out side to “help [you] Daddy!” After each carrying one bin down the end of the drive way I challenged his little body to a running race back up the drive way. Although I feared he would fall over due to his inherent enthusiasm and energy for every thing he ever does, I took a breath and ran beside him as fast as we could. Half way up the drive way I saw a step in the path that I feared would take him crashing down should his little toes clip it.

My fears were realised.

As he approached the edge of this particular part of the driveway his little shoe clipped the concrete and his charging little heart carried him forward and tumbling down, slidding onto the neighbours path, his face missing the floor by millimetres only to see him stopped by the grazing of his elbows and knees…

“Ohhhh!” he yelped!

As he slowly raised  himself up to inspect his wounds, before he could make up his mind on whether the situation would bring him to tears or not, God gave us two seconds to make a decision that will hopefully last him a life time… “Quick! Quick!” I said, “You have to finish the race. Quick! Stand up, come on, you have to finish your race!” I powered. And his little spirit imprinted on me one of my proudest moments of him to date. He put his head down, stumpy little legs in gear and he charged on forward, this time faster than he had started just seconds ago. “You’re winning Dejan! You’re winning!” I exclaimed as he finished ahead of me, running up to our home. “You won Dejan! You Won!” I announced.

As adults, when we inevitably face the toughest of times, not indifferent to those of someone you know personally that may be facing a challenge or two right now, we often find ourselves questioning whether we should start, continue or just give up.

But today, I urge you, don’t give up. See it through. Start the journey towards that dream you hold in your heart. It’s in the moments of time, between the seconds, in the Universe’s infinite intelligence that if you make the decision, just as my Son did, that an unlimited power spreads throughout time ready to accept you into whatever it is that you want, need and desire.

Make the decision. You CAN do it!

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