A look at an business owners goals for the year

As discussed in a couple of my previous posts it has been my intention to share with you all the process I went through to arrive at my top three goals for 2015. Today I will be sharing this with you.

2014 saw some amazing accomplishments, memories and things to be grateful for. The main ones that stand out are;

  • The birth of our daughter. We now have two beautiful children.
  • We moved into a new house.
  • I started ivansiladji.com and built up some fantastic traction as well as build a small, but consistently growing following on my various social media platforms.
  • My whole family went on a weekend trip away in winter which was a blast.
  • My wife and I visited the beautiful Hunter Valley outside of Sydney in Winter, for the first time and loved it.
  • I made a tonne of new friends online through mentoring, social media and and blogging.

In late November / early December last year I sat down and reviewed the progress of my goals and determined what needed to be done to have them achieved moving into 2015. Although they are essentially based around similar core desires I have centered them around a universal theme of LOVE + SPIRIT.

As entrepreneurs, often, because of our personalities, we consistently drive ourselves into exhaustion, work extremely hard and can loose sight sometimes of the spiritual side of life. Do you find this as well?

The huge thing I have consistently noticed in my life is that when I am in an absolute state of gratitude and faith that the universe delivers to me the exact thing I need to move to the next step. And I’m not talking about a “kind of exact thing”needed, I  mean the “exact thing” required.

As a result I have based my whole 2015 around both love and spirit. This means being more present with myself, structuring my work life to ensure I am 100% present when I am with my family, making time to connect with my spirit and God, nurturing my health and achieving very clear and defined financial goals to allow me to live the life I truly deserve, desire and my family deserves.

In addition to journaling I have also started voice journaling to my evernote to allow me to record my ideas, thoughts and progress when I cannot create entries in my leather bound journal or iPhone.

My 2015 goals, centered around LOVE + SPIRIT are;

  1. Structure my work life to ensure I am 100% present when I am with my family and friends – This means making time for more family days out, holidays, dinners, lunches, day trips, picnics and all things fun.
  2. Build a strong financial basis for my lifestyle – I have a very clearly defined figures to be achieved by a very clear deadline as far as finances are concerned. This process sees me working through the various stages of growth through to Absolute Financial Freedom. This process involves active investment for compounded return.
  3. Nurture my health and spirit – This goal is very dear to me and probably the most important. My relationship with God has always been strong but could be a lot stronger, as with my own spirit and the universe. I have always been good at attracting what I want in life and know how to use the process well which I am grateful for but this year is really focused on being in touch with this part of life, a process we can all tap into. This also involves a lot more time in front of my visualisation board, meditating and prayer. The idea is to act on universal inspiration when offered to me.

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How are you approaching your goal achievement in 2015? Leave me a comment share your ideas?


Image linked courtesy of bispobira.wordpress.com.

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