I went to my first “motivation seminar” when only about 16 years old. I remember being dressed in black pressed pants and a black button up business shirt. My Dad has always been a big believer that you are treated in accordance to how you are dressed so if I was to be attending an event where people all want to be successful, I had to dress the part.

That day was to be the first of many events I would attend over the years. Although I have relaxed my attire at each event to smart casual approach there has one thing that hasn’t changed between each event. Do you know what that is? It’s one particular message, a message that I hear over and over again from people “who made it” already and are chasing the dream as we speak. What do you think it is?

Time and time again I have been told that when successful people start becoming successful, other people get jealous. When successful people achieve levels of success it’s like all of sudden haters start showing up, from places you never even thought they would.

I’ve always heard successful people say it yet the message was like a unicorn to me. You know, you hear something, but since you haven’t seen their level of success it seems like a message coming from a different world. You wonder if people will be that way to you to when you make it. I used to think to myself;

Yeah, but because I’m really nice to everyone and I’m not stuck up and wouldn’t change when I become wealthy and rich then people won’t be like that towards me, people won’t get jealous.

Didn’t matter.

Doesn’t matter.

Even people that have made something of themselves even got jealous I was doing well. Doing well in business for example.

The one thing that really stands out is when people say that I shouldn’t share my successes online because some people who don’t have “the perfect life” will feel terrible.

Haters gonna hate. Meh!

What people with the jealous mentality don’t understand is that people who generally considered “successful”, those that actually make something of their lives without hurting others… These people work damn hard!

Without trying to brag too much, but rather make a point, I hustle more than most people. I’m willing to put in the hours when other people are asleep. While other people complain about how hard life is I talk about how good life will be. When other people sleep 10-12 hours a day, I sleep 5-6 hours a day. Although growing up I had a great life, I certainly wasn’t born into wealth. But I sure as hell was born into hard work. My parents taught me that well. And for that I’m grateful. I hate lazy people. I can’t stand when people complain about their lives and how others’ is better than their own but are not willing to do anything about it. There is no justice in making your life less significant so other peoples’ lives look or feel better. You’re worth every ounce of joy and magic life has to offer. You just need to take hold of it. As does everyone.

The thing we must all learn is that there will always be people in your life that will be jealous. That don’t want you to be success. But you should do it anyway.

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Have you experienced this in your life? What did you do about it?


Image linked courtesy of lifehaker.com.

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