Are you busy chasing your dream, or, are you busy being busy?

The other day I received a notification on my iPhone from my Eric Thomas app which in its few simple words was one of the first “ah-ha moments” of 2015. Without paraphrasing the notification it basically asked the question;

Are you grinding all the time… or.. are you just being “busy”?

Now maybe I’m a bit slow to learn things first go, I mean, I wasn’t the kid that got everything the first time it was explained in school growing up. But the question asked really sparked what was to be the understanding of a lesson that was in the making for a long time.

2014 was a “busy” year as well as one that involved a lot of grind and hustle in its own right, but moving into 2015 I would like to see less “busy” and more “grind”. I often get asked by people for favours when it comes to marketing, branding, design and pretty much anything online related but more often than not unfortunately the requests come at the most inconvenient of times as I am in the middle of grinding and don’t have time to be busy, if you get my drift. I’m busy making my own dreams a reality. This is not to say I don’t believe in contribution or helping others get what they want. There is a difference between philanthropy and doing other peoples work.

I read an article some time ago by Neel Raman that brings back memories of another important lesson which was learning to say NO to people. Since being honest with myself about my time and its value I reduced a lot of stress by not committing to things I could not finish or dedicate myself entirely too for others.

As with myself, if you believe your dreams to be very important and a worthwhile cause to dedicate a significant amount of your time to chasing then saying “no” to requests and unnecessary meetings or tasks could benefit your time schedule a lot. Further more, being busy talking about all the things you want to achieve and want to do isn’t being on the grind, isn’t hustling and isn’t achieving much. It’s just being busy. But taking action on a workable plan is. And when you get to being busy doing that then you are on your way to great things.

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Leave me a comment… What is one profound “ah-ha moment” you have had this year already that will, or has, changed the way you will hustle in 2015?


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2 thoughts on “Are you busy chasing your dream, or, are you busy being busy?

  1. Thanks for the mention Ivan! Much appreciated. This idea about being busy can sometimes be habitual rather than having a purpose behind it. There is one book that I read last year which is helping me refocus and simplify my life and that book is called “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown. It is worth reading!

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