Today marks the 1st day of the year in the working world for many… what will you do with this year?

Happy New Year!

At least in Australia anyway, today being the 5th of January 2015 marks the first real day back for those with a J.O.B. and the re-opening of many businesses and companies following the Christmas and New Year holidays.

I’m quite fortunate these days that I don’t suffer the dreaded Mondayitis that many others suffer, unless I’m hustling at night time while wearing my lab coat, mostly because I enjoy what I do for work but also because I have clear goals and visions for 2015 and Monday’s mark a fresh week to get to work on dream chasing and going after what really matters to me.

For some of you out there who thought about new years resolutions, unfortunately there will be a large number of you that have already broken your own promises… but wait! It’s not over yet.

A failure, recognised, addressed and appreciated is merely a setback and the decision you make following this could be the deal breaker between you getting what you want deserve to forever living a life of average.

What will you chose?

Moving into 2015 my goals for the previous year underwent a strong review process and shifted to a focus more inline with my spirit. More on this soon to come. I really cant wait to share my personal vision and plans for 2015 with you this year.

What really matters to you? Getting out of bed this morning for you may have been a challenge, but you did it anyway, and there was a reason why. Or if you’re one of my many international followers, tomorrow will be your day.

Think clearly about what you must have this year. Get a pen and paper and join me on the journey this 2015. Together we will get you to where you need to be. I think a bookmark of might be in order for you.

I’ll be in touch.


Photo linked courtesy of  L’Atelier Rouge.

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