I was asked by my mentor to consider writing a post that shows the vulnerable side of my self. I nearly choked on the thought. As soon as I heard the word I thought; “I’m going to hate this”.

You see, I have always been one to believe the following;

  • “Go, Go, Go..”,
  • “No time to be weak!”
  • “If you stop, you fail..”
  • “Never give up..”
  • “Never show weakness… to your client or your competition”
  • And the biggest one of all…. I believed that being vulnerable is not conducive to showing your masculinity.

I stand corrected.

The thing is I pride myself on striving for the best. Perfection. After sitting on this thought for a while I have come to realise that being as tough as nails and not showing the flaws I have, the fears I face and the vulnerability that is inherent in me, is actually my biggest weakness. I have been learning a lot over the last 5 days, today is no different.

You all know by now I’m here to Cure Average so to relate to people across the world I appreciate that the process of curing average means not everyone shares the same “achieve, or perish trying” attitude. Because I care about helping people and I value honesty very high I have to let you know that, hey, I’m not perfect, I have flaws too. We all do. But I think it’s what we do with those flaws, with those failures, with our weaknesses, that makes us who we are. I’m not shy to admit that one of my biggest fears in life is not achieving what I want and coming to the end of my time in this world and not having realised my dreams. It scares me like nothing else, second only to being apart from my wife and children who are my number one.

When deciding to launch I made the decision to really turn my name into the brand. To create something that people can come to be inspired from, from all parts of the world, from all walks of life, from those with nothing but a dream to those that have dreamed and achieved and then some who have even gone on to lose it all and are back to square one. Each of you is valuable and I want to inspire you personally. In doing so, however, my life, my choices, my journey, my wins and my loses are on the table for you to see and learn from. Yes, I have achieved, a lot in fact by many peoples standards across the world, but then I look at my own mentors and see that I still have a long way to go. But that excites me.

Since I’m here for the long haul and the brand is here to stay and prosper, I’m feeling humbled and confident in my vulnerabilities because behind the brand is a man. Vulnerability does not take away from being masculine, at least not when you recognise it and respect its power. All leaders are vulnerable. They have to be in order influence and inspire. Otherwise they render themselves unrelatable, unapproachable and lacking humility. And we can’t have that. Not here.


I really want to hear from you about this one…

  1. Have you found yourself hiding your vulnerabilities? What was one or two reasons why? What did you fear?
  2. How has letting it go benefited you? or How will it benefit you?

If answering these questions makes you feel vulnerable then that means you’re being honest with yourself and now could be a good time to give yourself the honesty it deserves. Leave me a comment.


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10 thoughts on “Why This Is The Blog Post I Never Wanted To Write – #FeelGoodBlogging – Day 6

  1. I can SO relate to this Ivan – I have always believed you must hide your insecurities or vulnerabilities to your clients in order for them to have confidence in you. It was fab to read your article! :)

    1. Thanks Victoria. People dealing with people, it’s the core of any exchange of business. I think we need to always remember that. Good clients respect this and for those that don’t, then good entrepreneurs appreciate that. Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. You are SO inspirational! I am so glad I came here to check your post out before I go right mine. I will be quoting you so be sure to come check it out. You have mentioned things that I have to quote word for word because I could not have said them better :) xo

    1. Wow. Thank you so much. I’m really honoured. I will definitely check it out. Shot me a message once it’s done if you don’t mind :) I appreciate your comment. Make for an awesome day!!!

  3. Hi Ivan:
    I also thought this challenge was going to be a difficult one, since I don’t like to show ‘weakness’ but I was wrong, this made me stronger and full of energy~!
    It’s great that you also took the challenge and shared with us this great blog post about you :)
    Hope you’re having a nice day!

    1. Cori, Isn’t it powerful when we can turn a perceived weakness into a strength? That’s what being a leader and entrepreneur is partly about. It took a while to realise Vulnerability is not weakness. It’s being human and its what you do in times of vulnerability to give definition to the word strength. Thank you for the comment. Glad to have you at You have a great week.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so grateful you read this and found it inspirational!!! You are right, getting engulfed in flaws does us no justice at all. Keep doing great things and looking forward to having you as a reader. :) :) :)

  4. Thank you for sharing this great post with us! I definitely have hid my vulnerability more than once. I love my dad, but I have difficulty expressing any vulnerability around him because he constantly makes me feel wrong for it. I’m working on it though! (:

    1. You are definitely doing good working on it as I can appreciate evening opening up about that shows vulnerability. Good on you!! Embrace all strengths and weaknesses. It’s the only way to side with them. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your words.

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