I can’t remember where I heard this from, if you know, please leave me a comment…

People do business with people they know, like and trust!

I think business as we know it is changing again. And I say ‘again’ for a specific reason. The way people do business, although intrinsically based on the exchange of value for some sort of solution to a need, will be conducted in different ways as time goes on.

Today though it seems people are going back to the basics… they like dealing with people, and people that they trust. The person behind the brand is just as important and desirable as the brand itself… why? Because today people are becoming the brand. It’s making business so much more fun, reachable and is almost turning the exchange of goods and services into a sort of pop culture. It feels good to buy.

So today, I’m letting you go through my washing… I’m giving you 10 things that most people may not know about me that have shaped me today… and somehow possibly the things driving the brand being built that is Ivan Siladji.

  1. I like milk. A lot. At one stage I was consuming about 3 litres a day. Then our recycling bin couldn’t hold all the 3 litre bottles every week so I had to cut back. What has that got to do with the brand? Milk is white! And white is fresh and desirable! It defines simplicity. All you need to do is look at apple to see that.
  2. My biggest fear, besides being apart from my wife and kids, is failure at the end of my life! The thought of not achieving my dreams is the pinnacle of pain.
  3. I sleep an average of 6 hours a day. The least I have had in one day is 0 hrs, routinely. But if you follow my instagram you’d already know that.
  4. I’ve done the FireWalk with Tony Robbins. He changed a lot in my life.
  5. I founded Neuro-Combatives™. It’s rich in psychology and pure self defence principles that are extremely raw. It’s the one place that my personality switches to a completely different persona.
  6. When I was a kid I had trouble reading. My parents got me a reading tutor. I graduated 2nd out of over 200 in English in high school. My average mathematics score in middle school was somewhere between 17%-38%. I got a coach for four years. I now have two degrees in science and even entered into a PhD. I was told not to be a rocket scientist if I wasn’t good at math. I topped physics in high school and became a scientist anyway. It took me 6-8hrs a day of studying to get the results. Lesson learned… Don’t listen to losers.
  7. I have never broken a bone in my body. I’ve had braces twice. Once for nearly a decade of my life. No joke. I even wore that ugly head piece that you see in movies with the elastics that come out from your mouth and attach to the metal frame over your face! No joke. Now look at how hot I am, hahaha (my narcissist moment for the day).
  8. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t smoke and have never tried and never will. I’ve never gambled. Although… I have ridden a Segway on a safari in Mauritius, walked with tigers, parasailed in the indian ocean, walked on 2000° coals, broken an archers arrow on my throat with T. Harv Eker. at the Millionaire Mind Intensive and woken up every day with a passion for life!
  9. I drive a Chilli Red Mini Cooper. Nothing to do with the brand, it’s just a damn cool car and a hell’of’a lot fun!
  10. My absolute favourite past time is camping and I swear by my Victorinox Swiss Champ. It has NEVER let me down.
  11. (Bonus). At first meeting I come across as the most serious person in the world. Then when you get to know me… I’m the total opposite, just check this out.

And that about sums it up. The remaining 90 things you don’t know you will learn over time. Woohoo!


Do you share anything common with me from my list of 10 things? Leave me a comment and let me know which one. It would be cool to know I’m not the only person who had to wear a metal frame over their face with braces. Viva la smile!

2 thoughts on “10 Things About Me You Didn’t Know – 7 Day Mini Series – Feel Good Blogging – Day 4!

  1. Unfortunately nothing in common, because you are a superman with no flaws! Can’t relate to that at all. Can’t say even 1 point…except maybe that I sleep less than 6 hours and not because I’m working (unless I absolutely need to).

    1. Ah, your too kind. I can assure you I have flaws. My wife can vouch for that ;) As a human being I can only chase the best of myself. Did you post a top 10 as well? Share a link here…

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