Me and my beautiful wife...
Me and my beautiful wife…

Ok, so I have to be REALLY careful here or I might be sleeping alone on the couch tonight…

You must admit that being an entrepreneur is time consuming right? Like, everyone has this idea that if your self employed or run your own business that you magically have the freedom to do what you like virtually whenever you want. Although that might be true for very established entrepreneurs, especially with supportive teams that are structured to run somewhat on autopilot so you can have the time off when you need it, it’s unlikely for most. You’ll probably agree that for most entrepreneurs, especially those starting out, you work twice as hard as everyone else, and that’s normally along side some form of paid employment, or a JOB. You sweat. You loose sleep. You stay awake… But.. What about your second half? What about your spouse?

You see, in my case, being a male, I have to say that behind every successful man is an extremely supportive and understanding woman! No doubt! In my personal life it gets very busy and it’s a constant juggling act. Between two kids, two jobs, one of which is a rotating shift job, 2 businesses and one start-up business things can get a little hectic in the Siladji household. As tired as I get and as long as the hours I put in… my queen is always by my side. Her life is as crazy busy as mine yet she stills soldiers on. She is the rock that keeps all this going.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people and we talk about our passions a lot. You’re feeling me right? Which means our spouses hear it all the time! Since I can’t keep up with myself sometimes I can totally understand that my wife can’t keep up with the chaotic baffle that goes through my mind every day.

And the fact that Facebook changes its damn algorithms for their news feed so often, she can’t see a lot of what I post regarding to keep up anyway. So who’s to blame here?

When she finally puts her feet up at the end of a long day often her eyes fall closed or she catches up on her own social life with a well deserved cup of coffee. She is a brilliant woman.

So today I asked her excitedly if she read my post from yesterday. She knew all about it but hadn’t yet read it. She was a big inspiration for it so I was very eager for her to read it. After telling her about todays post and what I could blog about I came up with the idea.. “How to Get Your Spouse To Read Your Blog”. She looked at me sharply, for obvious reasons. Since then she has watched episode 2 of Ivan Siladji TV and read yesterdays post. She loved it. And I love her.

The key that got her reading… communication (okay, and maybe a lunch date without the kids). You see, reading a blog post isn’t the real thing to learn here. It’s how to appreciate your spouse for all that they do. The reading comes naturally after that. It’s appreciating them for all the support they give to you. For all the patience that they have for you. For the guidance and general tap on the shoulder when your getting a bit too crazy.

Choosing the path of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. If you think it is then go buy an ice-cream and sit under a tree, your dreaming! But its worth it if your passionate about your dreams.

Here’s to hoping she will read this one. I better go help with the kids, or that couch might be my only company tonight after all.

Have an awesome day!


Before you leave me a comment, todays call to action for you is more important, it is to go give thanks to your second half. Whoever that special someone is in your life that supports you. Even when your crazy!

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