I roll over, my cheek presses against the crisp white pillow, still cool from the spring night air, the sun creeping though the white timber loovers flickers in my eyes as I blink, feeling its warmth. I can hear the sounds of children’s voices, laughing and screaming, the pitch getting louder as I realise it’s coming up the hall. The large rustic doors gradually swing open as their little bodies push against they heavy weight of the timber. They both jump up onto the bed and leap onto my chest yelling “Daddy!”. “Morning!” I reply, hugging and kissing them both, their smiles instantly giving me a sense of gratitude. I roll over and see the golden blonde fringe of her hair, sliding slowly down in front of her eye, her smile soft and warm, I lean in to kiss my queen good morning. Her smile is gentle, gracious and so feminine.

As we sit down at the table our gratitude for breakfast makes our fresh fruits, squeezed juices and wholesome foods a feast even at this early in the morning. We talk about our day ahead and the things we look forward to doing this weekend. Fridays are always a favourite, second only to Saturdays! I kiss my wife and say “I love you” and we tell the kids the same then it’s off to school for them.

I plan on meeting my queen for a mid morning brunch. First I duck into the office to meet with my team, get a status report and inspire them for the day ahead. Their contribution to the empire that is doesn’t go unoticed for I have learned that the power of a valuable and passionate team has truly been part of my success. I am forever indebted to them.

As I start the car I am reminded of the power that controls me at that instant. The red button that says “START” sends chills down my spine every time I press it, the scream of 600 horses roaring at an instant then slowing to a deep and very capable purr. The sun shine makes the all too familiar Italian red paint look extra special today. I drive off.

“The meeting went very well.” I tell my wife, “But enough of that, how was your class this morning?” I followed. She looks so vibrant in her Yoga outfit, I love it! She tells me all the gossip from her session. I listen attentively. I’ve learned that listening is just as powerful as speaking. Our lattes and brunch is brought to the table that overlooks a busy street filled with people hustling and bustling, yet the noise I hear is softer than I think they are hearing, it’s somewhat strange nowadays the silence I can hear, but it’s calming.

It’s Saturday. And that familiar sun shine through the window loovers again wakes me. The feelings of gratitude even more so today than that of yesterday. Blessed.

Our family and friends arrive at the Marina. “Did you bring your sunscreen? It’s set to be a hot one today!” I yelled out to everyone. As we climb on board I signal to my private captain that we can safely head off and with that we feel the pull of the engine. In the background we can hear Bob Marley’s Is This Love streaming across the onboard media player. The timber lining across all 80 ft feels warm to walk on, it’s smell is rich and classy yet elegant and refined, it is Oak. We pull up off the coast of Whitehaven Beach, yet today there is not a single person around. I find this common now that I am in that 1%. It seems that I find myself in the most amazing of places with no one else around, complete serenity, but with our family and friends today it seems as though the whole world is in fact here too! Lunch is the freshest king prawns, barramundi, balmain bugs and baby octopus on the BBQ. Sizzling under the sun. Sea salt in the air. Warm. Cool water touching our feet. White sand. Love.

Sitting on my day bed in the alfresco overlooking the mountain ridge face that stands like a giant piece of paradise on my land at home, the Sunday afternoon sunset is warm and reaffirming. The week was great. I use the lazy Sunday afternoons to plan my week ahead… Monday – Attend charity day, Tuesday – Client mentoring sessions + new business proposition meeting, Wednesday – Attend my kids school sports carnival, Thursday – 2nd book launch and world speakers conference, Friday – Day spa with my wife, Saturday – Private flight to Mauritius, Belle Mare is my second home.. It’s a great week ahead…

Rewind two years… This is why I grind! This is my passion! This is why I do what I do. This is why I wake at 5am and don’t sleep until 2am many times. This is why each day I hustle. My family is my passion. My dreams are my passion. My life is my passion. Sharing it with the world is my passion. Accepting others into the richness of my life is my passion. It’s as clear as day today so that when I’m thirty I can look back and say, passion paid off!

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To get what we truly deserve in life we have to be clear about what exactly it is that we want so much. Leave me a comment now and tell me this one simple thing… What is your passion? Every entrepreneur has one.


 Image linked courtesy of coledalerainforestretreat.com.au

9 thoughts on “What an Entrepreneurs Life Will Look Like – 7 Day Mini Series – Feel Good Blogging – Day 2!

    1. Wow. Thank you for that compliment. I think imagination is a powerful tool. Especially when it comes to visualising what we want. Telling through our own story is VERY powerful. Glad the story took you there. Thank you 😃

    1. That’s fantastic for you! Loving your loved ones and doing it for those that really matter to you is very rewarding and a powerful driving force. Thank you, for openly enjoying the post. 🙏

  1. Awesome, awesome post. Very envious :) You make it all seem so easy and worth it. I recently got married but having kids scares me to death! I like kids but the responsibilities especially when I don’t make enough and haven’t made anything of myself yet.

    Congrats on doing so man.

    1. Thank you Shayan. And thanks for an honest comment. Congratulations on getting married. It’s the first and best commitment in life we have. You are lucky and blessed to have found your second half also. Having children is a blessing and an extension of your love. Seeing your wife in your children is a fantastic feeling. And children make you very proud. Keep at chasing your dreams and you will eventually have what you want. You got this!

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