We all like to feel good right? I know you do! It feels good to feel good. That’s why I am inviting you on a 7 day journey with me to feel good-erer, if that makes sense!

Today is launch day, thats right, day 1! And in this feel good blog you’re going to learn about me! And then, I want to learn about you!

I’ll keep it short and sweet, but to summarise the awesomeness that is in the episode 2 of Ivan Siladji TV above (if you missed episode 1 you can check it out here)… here are five questions answered for todays Feel Good Blogging post!

1. Who am I?

Ivan Siladji. Hence ivansiladji.com :) I am a Dad of 2 amazing children, a little boy who is my best friend, a little girl who is my princess and a husband to a beautiful woman who is my queen! I am a scientist by trade and an entrepreneur by standard of living.

2. Why did I start blogging?

To mentor YOU! Yes, you! There is a little entrepreneur in all of us and I’m going to get it out of you and make it thrive! Well above average!

3. Who is ivansiladji.com for?

YOU! The entrepreneur. The business owner. The solopreneur. The wantrepreneur. The parents who juggle it all to make the most for themselves and their family!

4. What is something I have been working on at the moment?

This is BIG! www.selfdefenceintl.com. I am editing my first book about the self defence system I founded many years ago called Neuro-Combatives™ as well as developing it’s first online membership platform to learn the entire system from anywhere in the world!

5. What is the one message I want you to take home from my blog?

Cure average!

Now I want to here from you! Share your blog below and lets connect! It’s what entrepreneurs do! What is your mission behind your blog? Leave me a comment below now.


If you want to join the Feel Good Blogging Challenge visit www.alexbeadon.com.

5 thoughts on “The “Feel Good” Business Owner – 7 Day Mini Series in Honour of Feel Good Blogging – Launch Day!

    1. Thank you Mahesha. I’m so humbled that enjoy the blog and will be back. Every man’s woman should be treated as his queen. She is very special. Have an awesome week!

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