On LinkedIn: Why We Should Encourage More People to Become Entrepreneurs

I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn as part of my Mission to Cure Average and it’s getting some attention. I think that people are becoming more interested in the idea of entrepreneurship now more than ever.

LinkedIn: Why We Should Encourage More People to Become Entrepreneurs

When people become lost in skepticism about shaky world economies, property markets nearing bubbles, job insecurity and redundancies, companies folding etc. it gives an explanation as to why so many people become scared of loosing what they have instead of going out to get more of what they deserve. It seems they lose sight of the abundance that exists in society. The thing is that today there is more opportunity than ever to get what you want out of this thing called life, you just have to understand a few things that others don’t yet understand… (read more).


I’m curious what your mission is! Do you have a mission? Leave me a comment below and share it. The best way to get it out there and get support is to let the world know. Start here!


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2 thoughts on “On LinkedIn: Why We Should Encourage More People to Become Entrepreneurs

  1. what’s my mission?My mission is to collect money,MY MONEY and make a residual steady income day by day with my own work-at-home job!!!Viva la Scotland,I am coming in two years!

    1. Thanks for the comment Sakis. You soudn very passionate about it! :) Do you have plans around what you intend on doing with your residual income? Any plans around contribution? Growth?

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