Top Four Instagram Marketing Apps Every Business Owner Must Have

Up until about 9 months ago I didn’t even have an Instagram account. In fact, I was probably more of a hater of Instagram more than anything since I felt that every one with an iPhone and an Instagram account was running around claiming to be photographers because they took pictures of buildings, apply a black and white filter and then tag the shit out of it. After wondering what all the the hype was about I signed up, took a photo of food like everyone does, tagged it and thought that was pretty cool.
Then I realised the power of my Instagram account for my business, my marketing and personal branding. Then everything changed.
By now I’m sure you have all heard of Instagram. If you havent, where have you been? If you have, and you are an entrepreneur, you are probably using it for your business, right? If you’re not, what the heck are you doing? Get on board!

Instagram, like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many of the other social networking sites offers infinite potential for reaching new business and building your brand. Instagram is easy to use, quick to use and makes marketing fun. Plus, it is yet to be adulterated like many other social media sites out there.

If you follow me on Instagram then you will notice some of the things I do on there which is targeted to brand growth around (if you don’t follow me on Instagram, do yourselves a favour, click here and follow me, geezz).
One of the things which I do on Instagram is my Instagram Mini Series called #ivansdaily where I regularly share inspirational quotes, words of inspiration or motivation and daily words. Many of these a geared towards promoting a new blog post, video blog or upcoming piece of content I will be sharing. I attach specific hashtags to each post depending on its target market upon which I instantly start receiving likes for the next few hours until the post gets lost in the ether. After this if it was good content that received a lot of attention I then bring back to life by re-tagging and the process starts again. I will go into this a bit later for you.

Instagram, coupled with twitter, facebook and the glorious professional networking power of LinkedIn (glorious I repeat, hint hint) generates additional traffic to where you are right now, that’s right, As your fellow entrepreneur and pal I wanted to share with you my Top Four Instagram Marketing Apps that I use to create some of the content you see on my Instagram account, namely, my mini series #ivansdaily.

Instagram Marketing Apps
Instagram Marketing Apps
1. After Photo. After photo is a cool little app that has the ability to to basic edits to photos like cropping and applying filters but notably it allows you to add text over the images in layers with any colour and importantly a fantastic variety of fonts. I use this app almost daily for content creation for my mini series after which I move to Afterlight for additional editing.
After Photo
After Photo
2. Afterlight. This app is a bit like Instagram but on steroids although recent releases of the native Instagram app have opened doors for some good mobile editing tools as well. Afterlight has a much larger selection of filters and more professional levels of editing. Plus I like the vingette and sharpen tools within Afterlight. You can share direct from the app to social media sites aswell i.e., Instagram.
3. Evernote (that’s right!). In the context of Instagram marketing I use Evernote to store all my ideas for posts I plan to release on Instagram. It also serves to catalogue the different types of hastags I use for Instagram, that way when I post to Instagram I know which hashtags to attach as a comment so my posts can be found by people searching and liking content of that nature. I leave the attached description free of excesive amounts of hastags and only include 1 or 2 post specific hastags such as #ivansiladji and #ivansdaily along with a brief content specific piece of text. The secondary comment holds my trending hastags of which I can delete and make a new specific comment again to bring the post of the shelf and back to life again at a later date. I do this within the mobile app by selecting the comment and deleting it and entering a new one with new hashtags.
4. IFTTT. The powerful app know as “If This Then That” or the acronym IFTTT serves many purposes for me but specifically for Instagram I have a recipe that posts my Instagram updates as native twitter images because I like my images on show in twitter now that it beautifully shows native images. Everything just works well together! Don’t you think?
And there you have it! My top four recommended Instagram marketing apps.

I’d love to hear from you. What apps do you use and can recommend? Do you use Instagram for your business? Do you have a separate account for personal use and business use? I’ll look out for you on Instagram, leave me a comment on one of my posts and I’ll follow you too!

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