Top 5 things to do when chasing your dreams gets too hard

I have had a good number of people call me, message me or contact me on social media facing a range of challenges in the last week. One of the common things I have had people ask me for advice on and want to talk about is the challenge of chasing a dream and not knowing what it’s all for and that it is getting hard. Although they are not giving up there is no doubt some challenging times being faced by some entrepreneurs and dream chasers.

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Some entrepreneurs wonder whether or not they are doing the right thing or feeling content, and importantly, staying motivated, especially when you work so hard and don’t see a lot of results, none at all or feel like your going backwards in fact. The feeling of being on a constant treadmill, the feeling of client rejection in your business, the uncertainty of the validity of your dreams. These can all very well be deal breakers for many people. But not you. Why? Because you’re still reading this. You see, dream chasers recognise challenges and feel their effects intensely. They need to as it forms part of the driving force that guides them to continuous persistence to get what it is they set out to get. The feeling of needing to “always be doing something” is inherent in high achievers, go-getters and entrepreneurs and this often leads to a feeling of not doing enough or even doing the right thing at times. We identify this as a challenge and won’t give up. But that doesn’t make it easy.

Have you been chasing a dream and feel like your just not getting anywhere with its progress or achievement? Have you been working hard for years and years, even a decade or more and you just don’t feel content yet with everything you’re doing? Have you been developing relationships with clients in your business or putting together deals only to find them not coming to fruition and its affecting your motivation? Are you feeling the grind of chasing your dreams, of being an entrepreneur, of the hustle life and feeling like it’s starting to get really hard?

We have all been there and the fact of the matter is, if you have chosen the dream chaser life then you will inevitably feel this again at different times in your life; it’s what you do at these times that will define the feelings around these challenges and ultimately how you will continue to deal with them.

Here are my top 5 tips to see you through the hardest times you will face when you’re chasing that epic dream you deserve and will achieve:

  1. Recognise that this time in your journey is both expected and necessary for your growth. These challenges are ultimately preparing you for what is to come. You simply cannot appreciate the good that will soon come if you haven’t experienced the contrasting challenges. It serves to provide you with an opportunity to learn to appreciate what you have. Secondly, these challenges act as feedback mechanism to guide you in the direction you need to move in to make progress. Constant rejection is a powerful lesson in life indicating that your system may need to be addressed. Don’t get this confused with the words “no”. You will hear those a lot in life, these are the cost of doing business. Do not listen to “no.”
  2. Don’t lose site of your why! In one of my recent posts I address this very deeply. You can read it here. Simply put though don’t lose sight of why you started this journey in the first place. You sacrificed a lot to start in the first place so obviously it was worth it.
  3. Journal your journey, your progress, your plans, your story. We have heard this many times before but often we feel that since we have it all under control that writing things down may show weakness, as though not needing to write things down means you have control. Wrong! It shows you respect clarity, it shows you respect the process, it demonstrates you value and appreciate your thoughts and feelings, the very things taking the journey with you. When was the last time you opened your journal? Do you even have one? Luckily for you I have this covered for you here. By the end of reading the post you will have started your own journal and it will put you leaps and bounds ahead of where you are now.
  4. Experience and exuberate gratitude. It’s no secret that I am almost religious in my beliefs that the universe is grand and all powerful, that is is infinite in its ability to provide us with anything and everything that we need to achieve our dreams. Why? Because you came from it to be here to achieve whatever it is your chasing. The universe is all powerful and you literally attract everything you experience in your life and need. The currency of the universe is love and you experience this by showing gratitude. When you show gratitude you exchange it with the universe for what you feel. It’s like shopping, but on steroids. When you go shopping with the universe it gives you events, circumstances, meetings, introductions to people, opportunities (often hidden as challenges), lessons and resources to utilise in your process of dream realisation. The thing is you have to have faith in this process and just be grateful. Even if you don’t believe it, if you do it anyway and do it whole heatedly you see what I mean. Things just happen. It’s simply amazing.
  5. Never Quit. Keep at it. Don’t stop. If you think taking a long break away from your dreams will help you then you’re wrong. This is different to taking a holiday or well deserved break to re-energise and internalise to reflect on your progress, that is both necessary and rewarding. However just stopping in your journey will not serve you. Your dreams will run away faster than you can imagine and someone else will chase them instead. If you do decide to start again you will have to do exactly that.. start again.

Don’t give up on what you want. You’re worth it. Your dreams are worth it. Your “why” is worth it.

Finally I’ll leave you with this… When the going gets tough, remember this… You’re in the middle of writing your story. There is nothing great about a boring story but the one you will tell of your life and the things you achieved will include a fantastic series of successes, challenges with extraordinary results, acquaintances, rejections and transformations into things that only your wildest dreams could have imagined and then created. You’ve got this. You’ve done this already in your mind. Now go and do it in your life!

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I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment now letting me know what are the things you do to keep motivated when you face tough times. Are you facing challenges at the moment? What is your biggest challenge?

Chase your dreams!


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