I know, I know. It’s been a solid number of weeks nice my last post. Let me tell you, I have missed sitting down to give you my regular post. I promise, I wont leave it so long next time.

My inspiration for this post today is a deep one. I have to be honest, the last few weeks.. well, they have been tough! Now before you think I’m going to give you a sob story, I’m not! That’s not the type of dude I am. I recognise a challenge and get the hell on with it, but, I recognise a challenge for what it is to create a solution.

In short… shift work at the moment after nearly two years with a young family while hustling to get my dreams is throwing some mean jabs at life… I have identified that changing shifts every week, 75% of them starting between 1200am and 0300am is giving me an ass whopping. Positively though, ass whoppings motivate me. I say to the challenges in life… Stuff you! I wont give up! I want what I want so bad I will chase it till the end.

Any time I feel a sense of angst come over me I know it’s because of at least one of two things…

  1. Lack of gratitude
  2. Lack of a clear vision (or not following your current one according to universal law)

When I identify that one or more of the above two things arise, it’s time to internalise, recognise and prioritise!

Let’s take a journey within…

On the way to my J.O.B. this morning I began the process of internalising. This begins with playing one of my favourtite chill out CD’s; Ministry of Sound – Karma Collection.

Next I begin a process of asking questions… Questions that evoke emotion and force me to let go and allow the universe and my unconsciousness to give me answers. This is what came out…

I received answers about the process around which we manifest the things we want in life. It has been and is still my belief that when we have a clear enough vision, tied with emotion then the things that we are envisioning exist on the same time-space reality plane that we are currently in. How far ahead in time it is remains dependent on the universe aligning everything that needs to be aligned such that we can receive everything we want and so can others that are also part of the vision. This though, is not our concern. It is the role of the universe.

I then recognised…

The aligning part, that part of the process is not our task, it is the universes. The next part of the process, importantly is being ready to receive what you vision, which inherently involves believing it’s yours, rightly. The process of taking action towards achieving your vision, action with the belief that it will get you closer to getting what you want demonstrates to divine intelligence that you are ready to receive your dream. Here is where people often stop, and fail… they don’t look out for and act on the signs given by the universe. These have been called many things; signs, omens… the point is, acting on these omens is inspired action. This is when hard work becomes productive and results driven inspired action.

I have now prioristed…

I have come to the realisation that although I have very clear and defined goals to obtain things I want in my life, ultimately based around giving me freedom, it is my definition of freedom and what my life would ultimately look like in a state of freedom that is lacking clarity at this point. It is now my priority to get extremely clear, like more crystal clear than I have ever been, about what my life would look like right now, in this moment if it were my definition of perfect. This is a step ahead of goal setting. You can read about my goal setting post here, it’s a great read.

When we have an epiphany, I truly believe it is from divine intelligence. Universal power. The universe helping to bring your current circumstances closer on the time-space plane with your ultimate vision. When we find ourselves in these moments we have to take inspired action.

I’m feeling inspired. I hope you are too. Act!

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