When should a business owner take the day off?

Just two weeks ago my wife gave birth to our second child – a divine little girl, bringing our little family up to four. Our 2.5 year old son has taken it all on so well and we are extremely proud!

Leading up to the birth I worked hard in my “science job”, not taking all my annual leave since I started there ready for a time like this. I was fortunate enough to be able to take a month off the science “shift work job”.

Here is the catch… It has taken me two weeks into my holidays to finally “slow down” and even take a day off from the 5-to-9 as you’d say, the entrepreneurial part of my life.
In the moment...
Learn to be in the moment… When you slow down and be grateful for things time slows down…

When your a Dad or Mum, husband or wife, working man or woman AND an entrepreneur it can take a lot of momentum to slow down the inertia of the “go, go, go” that we have built up over time. I know. I have experienced it first hand. The thing that transformed my situation was to recognise the fact that I was having trouble “slowing down” and being in the moment, especially with the birth of our baby girl.

I found that since I have been so focused on achieving such big dreams in 2014, rotating shifts in the “science job” and building my business all the while always trying to be the best family man and husband I can be, I would have trouble just taking it all in and feeling the emotions tied with each moment. All glorious moments, times to be thankful for, the very fact that I am alive to experience all of this is a true gift.

I have long told people that slowing down to recognise the small details in life and be grateful is one of the best ways to “slow time down”. Having some time off, along with a friendly reminder from my wife has really helped me slow down and take it all in rather than thinking of “the next thing to get done”.
The last week has been very different. I am totally relaxed. Totally grateful and totally slowing down more and more to take in all the moments. And the results have been showing. I’m more present with my family time. I have spent full days just being with my wife. We have watched movies. Ate some naughty foods. Smiled more. Had deeper conversations. Listed to my son tell me stories. And in my entrepreneurial journey… I have got through hours of editing. I have made sales in my business. I have learned a lot.
Most of all I have started really being grateful again. Honestly, for a while there, I was getting lazy with being grateful. I’m so grateful that I’m grateful again.
I encourage you to “take the day off”. Give thanks. And be in the moment. It’s so worth it.
God bless.

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